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Where To Buy Cheap Traeger Grills? (Explained)

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Where To Buy Cheap Traeger Grills

Traeger has some affiliate retailers like Costco, and Home Depot that will often have their own sales promotions and seasonal clearance sales. 

Costco even has a select lineup of Traeger wood pellet grills at a below-average price, which is also backed by Costco’s satisfaction guarantee.

A few Costco models like the Silverton are very much the same as the Traeger model they are based on. Yet Costco typically sells it for slightly less.

Traeger themselves rarely offer discount sales promotions and clearance sales. 

However, they do tend to offer select sakes on popular wood pellet grills around Father’s Day and Black Friday.

Some of Traeger’s affiliated retailers like Costco, Home Depot, and Walmart often have seasonal closeout sales where they need to clear old inventory to make room for the incoming season of products. 

This means that if you wait until later in the summer, you might be able to get a Traeger grill for cheaper than normal. 

Traeger sees their material build quality as a point of pride and always makes sure that all its models represent its brand’s reputation. 

So, even if you do find a Traeger grill at a cheap price, you can trust that it was made with exacting quality control standards. 

Buying Traeger Grills at Costco

Costco has a special relationship with Traeger, which allows them to sell co-branded models like the Lil Tex Elite for below-average prices. 

Though many of the Traeger models sold at Costco don’t come with all the same special features of the Traeger base model they are derived from.

Costco also sells the Traeger Silverton, the Traeger Freemont, and the Trager Texas Elite Pellet Grill 34 as part of their 2022 model lineup. 

Unless you are an advanced wood pellet grill aficionado there will be little noticeable difference in the Costco Traegers. 

Yet it can be a great way to save $100 to $200 on a Traeger grill.

Home Depot Traeger Grill

Home Depot is a Traeger-affiliated retailer selling most of their popular models. 

This includes models of the Traeger Ironwood, the Pro Series 34, the Traeger 575, Pro 780 Wi-Fi, the Timberline XL, the Pro Series 22, Traeger Tailgating 20, and the Traeger Ranger.

Home Depot is also more likely to have sales promotions and seasonal clearance sales at the end of the summer. 

While you might not always have the ideal selection, you might just be able to find a great deal on a Traeger grill.

Do Traeger Grills Go On Sale?

Traeger wood pellet grills offer their best sale prices around Father’s Day and on Black Friday. 

They generally don’t have a lot of the sale promotions and seasonal clearance sales that many other grill manufacturers do.

Home Depot sells a lot of standard Traeger models in their stores as well as online. 

With enough patience, you might be able to find a limited selection of Traeger wood pellet grills on sale as part of a regional promotion or seasonal clearance.

How Much Are Traeger Grills?

Traeger wood pellet grills can range in price from as low as $649 to as much as $3,400. 

Though the popular Traeger Ironwood, which lies in the middle of their range can be found for right around $1,500.

Should You Buy A Cheap Traeger Grill?

Traeger wood pellet grills are known for their superior build quality and robust warranty coverage. 

Cheaper models, like those sold at Costco, might not have as many special features as base models, but they will still do an impressive job of smoking meat.

Why Would A Traeger Grill Be Sold For Cheap?

Affiliate retailers like Home Depot, Costco, and even Walmart will often have seasonal clearance sales where you might be able to buy a Traeger grill for cheap. 

Though the models available are typically limited and will be based on what that single store has left in inventory.

Final Thoughts 

Affiliate Traeger retailers like Home Depot and Costco sometimes offer their sales promotions or seasonal clearance sales, where you can get a Traeger grill for a below-average price. 

Though Traeger themselves rarely offer discounts on their grills outside of Father’s Day and Black Friday.

Many of Traeger’s affiliated retailers including Costco, Home Depot, Runnings, Sheels, select Ace Hardware stores, and Walmart will typically have seasonal closeout sales to clear old inventory. 

With patience, you can get a cheap Traeger grill at the end of the summer. 

Regardless of the price tag, you can always trust Traeger’s superior material build quality and engineering specifications. 

They make sure that every grill in their lineup meets their exacting quality control standards before it ever goes on sale.