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What pellets are compatible with Traeger? (Explained)

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What pellets are compatible with Traeger?

If you go into a big-box store or search online looking to replace your pellets for your Traeger grill, you might get overwhelmed by all the options.

Do you need to use Traeger-branded pellets, or can your grill handle other ones? Will you void your warranty if you use pellets other than Traeger-branded pellets? What kind of pellets does a Traeger grill use? Can you use Weber-branded pellets or even Pit Boss-branded pellets? 

Can Traeger use other pellets?

Traeger states in their operating manuals that you should use their pellets in their grills for best results, but you can use other manufacturers’ cooking pellets. 

You may have heard that using another manufacturer’s pellets will void the warranty on your Traeger grill, but there is no sign of that in either their owner’s manuals or in the warranty information on their website.

In fact, it is illegal for Traeger or any grill manufacturer to declare that you will void your warranty if you do not use a specific item per the Magnusson-Moss Act of 1975.

If you do go with another manufacturer, just do your research to make sure you are getting a high-quality hardwood pellet designed for use in a pellet grill.

Can you use any pellets in a Traeger?

You can use any wood pellet that is made for use in a pellet grill in your Traeger. You want to find a 100% hardwood cooking pellet.

You should be looking for pellets that are hard and shiny and not dull and mushy. Low-quality pellets that have a higher moisture content can cause problems with auger jams or a dirty-burning fire. 

You need to avoid pellets designed for use in a heating pellet stove. They are not manufactured for cooking use and can contain additives that are not safe for food. 

Do Weber pellets work in a Traeger?

Weber pellets will work with a Traeger grill. If you are unable to find Traeger pellets and can find the same flavor in Weber-branded pellets, you can purchase those without concern. You may also find blends that are different than any that Traeger has produced.

If you find a sale or better value with Weber pellets, you can take advantage without hesitation or worry.

Even though the bags say SmokeFire, the name of Weber’s pellet grill, they will not give your Traeger grill problems either in the auger or fire pot as long as you store them properly and prevent moisture issues like you would with any pellet.

Will Pit Boss pellets work in a Traeger?

Same as Weber pellets, Pit Boss pellets will work in a Traeger. Pit Boss offers two sizes of bags and a large variety of flavors.

They offer the standard 20-pound bag as well as a 40-pound bag. While Traeger and Weber only have maple wood available as part of their Signature and GrillMaster blends respectively, Pit Boss offers a Maple blend.

They also offer a Trophy blend designed for wild game, ideal for hunters or their families. If you are a fan of whiskey, they even offer a Whiskey Barrel blend made from whiskey oak barrels. 

Perhaps even more intriguingly is the Charcoal blend of pellets. Pit Boss offers a blend of charcoal and oak to bring charcoal flavors to the pellet grill experience. If you love the flavor of charcoal, this is a way to get that experience on your Traeger grill.

Final thoughts 

In general, you can use any wood pellets made for use in pellet grills with your Traeger.

You will not void your grill’s warranty by doing so, regardless of what you have heard or read online, because it would be illegal for Traeger to make their warranty contingent on that.

That means if you find a sale on Weber pellets that were made for their SmokeFire grill, you can purchase them without any major concern.

If you like some of the unique flavors and blends of Pit Boss pellets or you simply want a big 40-pound bag, you can use those as well with your Traeger grill.

If you look for deals with other brands of pellets, just make sure you are not settling for a cheaper, low-quality pellet that may jam up your auger, create more ash, or cause your Traeger grill to run inefficently, requiring more pellets than with a higher-quality pellet.