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Weber Smokey Mountain Cart | 5 Things To Know!

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Weber Smokey Mountain cart rolling

One of the drawbacks to the Smokey Mountain could be its portability. You may want to put it under an awning to protect it from the weather when not using it, but you want to move it out into the open for smoking.

A rolling cart is a great solution for moving your Smokey Mountain, protecting it, and adding extra preparation space.

DIY Weber Smokey Mountain cart

If you are a handyman or an avid DIYer, you can build your own cart to help move your Smokey Mountain around.

A cart can help you in a variety of ways, including making storage easier and protecting your grill from the elements.

How do you put wheels on a Weber Smokey Mountain?

You also can purchase caster wheels that attach to the stand that comes with the Smokey Mountain. Just make sure to lock them in place while cooking or storing. No one wants their grill rolling away!

DIY Weber Smokey Mountain cart

If you are particularly enterprising, you can fashion your own cart for your Smokey Mountain. A number of people have made custom designs out of materials they already have or are easily found at a hardware store or online.

Weber Smokey Mountain cart plans

While you could come up with your own custom design, there are other Smokey Mountain owners who have done plenty of work that you can benefit from in both ideas and design. Some have built their designs from scratch while others have modified preexisting carts.

Weber Smokey Mountain cart plans and dimensions

One option is building a rolling platform for your Smokey Mountain to rest on. YouTuber BallBeerQue27 built a 28”x28” platform out of pressure-treated 2x4s on casters to roll his Smokey Mountain around. Peter Lindfors built a custom cart and posted the details over at the Virtual Weber Bulletin Board.

This design is intensive, especially compared to a rolling platform, but if you have the skills to build it, this cart is a great addition to your Smokey Mountain.User SWright at the VWBB took a work cart and modified it to suit his needs.

Weber Smokey Mountain cart plans and pricing

YouTuber BallBeerQue’s design costs will center largely around how much lumber costs. There are other costs for the materials, but the lumber will be the most expensive. Check your local home and garden stores to see what 2x4s will run you these days.

For VWBB user SWright’s plan, that cart costs $70 at Harbor Freight as of September 2021, while a nibbler like the one he used for cutting the hole for his Smokey Mountain in the cart top can run anywhere from around $20 to around $100. Just make sure you read the reviews to find one you are comfortable with purchasing.

Weber Smokey Mountain cart kit

If you are looking to add wheels to your Smokey Mountain, has a wheel kit for 34.99 as of September 2021.

Weber Smokey Mountain cart purpose

Why would you want to have your Smokey Mountain in a cart, on a rolling platform, or with casters on it? There are three main reasons: mobility for weather/storage, protection from the weather, and preparation areas. 

While Weber designed the Smokey Mountain in three main pieces for easy disassembling and storage, being able to move it as one unit is convenient. Being able to move the grill assembled means that if bad weather picks up during your cook, you aren’t stuck literally and figuratively.

If you have your Smokey Mountain mobile, you can move it into a more protected area.

Similarly, if your Smokey Mountain is in an enclosed cart, you can shield it on windy days. The Smokey Mountain can have issues with a lot of wind, so an enclosure can help you maintain steady temperatures.

If you build a cart with a solid top, you have a place to put food, plates, or containers right next to your grill no matter where you are. The Smokey Mountain does not have built-in side tables like some other options, nor does Weber have a cart designed specifically for it. 

Weber Smokey Mountain cart cost

The cost of getting any of these options for your Smokey Mountain varies widely. If you want to get good-quality casters to attach to the legs of your grill, you can order them for around 35 bucks at the link above.

There are DIYers who repurposed carts from other grills for their Smokey Mountains, so their costs are low compared to building one from scratch. Others took work carts and modified them.

Weber Smokey Mountain cart cover

Keeping your Smokey Mountain covered is important for the longevity of your grill. If you simply add a rolling platform or wheels to your grill, you can use the cover that it came with. However, if you put your Smokey Mountain in a cart, you will need to get a different cover. The most important part of finding a cover is getting the correct measurements and finding a matching one. Make sure you account for ventilation so condensation does not build up under the cover.