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5 Things To Know About A Traeger Ranger’s Warranty

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Traeger Ranger Warranty

The Traeger Ranger comes with the same standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as other Traeger wood pellet grills. This includes replacement parts for manufacturer defects, but not the cost of diagnostics or the labor to install a replacement part in your Traeger Ranger. 

To activate the warranty on your Traeger warranty you can go online to or call 1-800-872-3437.

Do Traeger Rangers Come with a Warranty

The new, updated models of the Traeger Ranger come with a 3-year warranty just like all other Traeger wood pellet grills. Though this coverage is not extended to Rangers that were made before the 2018 recall on older models. 

What All Does a Traeger Warranty Cover for a Ranger Model

Traeger’s warranty policy states that they will provide a replacement part for any part found to be defective. Though the original part that is approved for return by Traeger’s Parts Department must be returned prepaid.

Traeger’s warranty on the Range doesn’t include labor charges associated with the determining the defect or the labor associated with replacing it. The warranty also doesn’t include any freight or shipping charges to send a replacement part to you. 

If you do have a problem with a Traeger Ranger, it might be helpful to first contact the customer service department of the store you bought it from to determine if they have the necessary replacement part in stock. This could save you some money over having Traeger themselves mail you a replacement part for your Range.  

Registering the Warranty on a Traeger Ranger

You need to register your Traeger Ranger within 30-days of the original purchase in order to activate the warranty. You can do this online at

Final Thoughts

The updated versions of the Traeger Ranger made after 2018 come with a 3-year standard warranty, that you find with all other Traeger wood pellet grills. This includes replacement parts for manufacturer defects, but not the labor costs to diagnose them or the labor cost to install the replacement part. 

Fortunately, most of the simple problems a Traeger Ranger can suffer are relatively easy to diagnose and you can usually replace the parts yourself with some simple tools and basic mechanical sympathy. 

To activate the warranty on your new Traeger Ranger you need to go to Traeger’s website at or call 1-800-872-3437.