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9 Tips For B Buying Traeger Pellets Bulk

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Traeger pellets bulk

A pellet grill needs a steady supply of pellets to keep running.

The very last thing that you want when grilling or smoking meat is to have your fire go out from a shortage of pellet fuel to keep the grill running.

Clearly, having a good supply on hand before you start is key.

Traeger pellets can be found in many different stores where grilling supplies are available, both in actual retail locations, and online.

Traeger pellets tend to be sold in individual bags, ranging from 18 to 33 pounds, although some combination offers are available from retailers.

Where to buy traeger pellets in bulk

All of the Traeger products, including pellets, can be purchased directly from the Traeger website, ( as well as from a variety of companies, both in physical retail stores and on line.

Traeger pellets at Costco

According to the Costco website (, as of this writing (April 2022), Traeger gourmet blend wood pellets were available in 33 lb bags, along with Bear Mountain 40 lb. pellet bags, and something called the Bear Mountain variety pack.

Traeger pellets at Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware’s website ( shows a much wider selection of Traeger pellets than Costco, but all in 18 or 20 lb. bags.

Most of the different wood varieties, including mesquite, hickory and the fruit woods were listed as available, as were 18 pound bags of specialty blends for specific meats.

The only 33 pound bag available was the Traeger “All Natural Big Game Hardwood” variety.

Traeger pellets at Amazon 

Amazon offers a wide range of Traeger products, including pellets, on its website, (

In addition to single bags of pellets, you can purchase combination packages, consisting of a 20 pound bag of Traeger “Signature Blend” pellets, with a 20 pound bag of either apple, hickory, or mesquite pellets.

Traeger pellets at Home Depot

Home Depot’s website offers a variety of Traeger pellets in 18 and 20 pound bags as well as a number of pellets from other brands.

In the case of two other brands, Home Depot offers a pack of four bags of pellets at a discounted price, and a pack of six bags at a discounted price.

In the case of Traeger pellets, however, Home Depot offers only two packs, made up by combining a 20 pound bag of regular “Signature Blend” Traeger pellets with a 20 pound bag of either Traeger hickory or mesquite pellets.

How much do Traeger pellets cost?

The cost of pellets can vary depending upon where they are purchased.

At the time of this writing, (April 2022), the website shows a range of prices from $19.99 to $24.99, with the three specialized blends described below being more expensive, and the ordinary range of fruit woods, hard woods and the “Signature Blend” being less expensive.

Pellets purchased in stores may be sold at a marked up price, but have the advantage of being immediately available.

What type of Traeger pellets can you buy?

Traeger pellets come in three basic quantities. Some specialized applications are sold in 18 pound bags.

Most product is available in 20 pound bags. A few items are sold in larger 33 pound bags.

The basic Traeger pellet product is their Signature Blend, made from a variety of hardwoods.

The Traeger website ( describes the Signature Blend as providing a clean burning pellet that leaves little ash.

Traeger also provides three types of fruit wood pellets, Pecan, Apple, and Cherry.

The company also sells two different pellets popular for smoking meat as well as for grilling, namely Hickory, and Mesquite.

There are three specialized blends for those who wish to take grilling to a higher, more serious level. These are sold in 18 pound bags.

“Bold Blend,” Hickory, Cherry and spiced with rosemary,

“Brisket Blend,” Oak, Pecan and spiced with black pepper,

“Meat Church Blend,” described as a hardwood blend designed by Texas and Southern barbecue experts.

Final thoughts

Traeger pellets are offered in a wide variety of stores and online distributors, as well as on the company website.

They come in standard bags of 18 and 20 pounds, with a few offered in 33 pound bags as well.

As a customer, you have a number of different choices available for types of pellets, as well, including a selection of fruit woods that can add flavor to your grilling, and suit every need.