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7 Tips For Using Traegers In Rain

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Traeger in the rain

Nothing dampens the spirits literally and figuratively than a rainstorm kicking up when all you want is to throw a couple of racks of ribs on your Traeger grill.

Are some raindrops enough to deter you from that amazing smell and tasty barbecue?

Can you use your Traeger in the rain? Is it a good idea to do so? Does rain affect how well a Traeger runs? Will the rain cause problems for your Traeger? Are there any special precautions you need to take or special techniques you need to use when using your Traeger in the rain?

Can you use a Traeger in the rain?

Traeger says that you can operate your grill in the rain with the knowledge that there might be some additional difficulties versus good weather. 

They did note that startup times might take longer due to higher humidity. If you are using your Traeger during the rain, remember that moisture can cause problems with your pellets, so keep them well-protected from any water leaking into your pellet hopper. 

Also, and most importantly, Traeger pellet grills run on electricity.

Make sure that your grill is plugged into a ground-fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, outlet. It detects issues with the circuit and will quickly shut off the flow of electricity.

That can prevent further issues if something goes wrong with water getting into electrical areas it should not get into.

Also, make sure there are not any issues around your controller so water will not get in and wreak havoc on sensitive computer parts.

Should you use a Traeger in the rain?

Traeger says it is okay to use your grill in the rain, but you should use your best judgment. If you are planning to smoke a brisket and a driving rainstorm kicks up, you should think about how to best protect your Traeger grill.

Do you have some way to keep the rain off your grill that will also be safe from fire, heat, and smoke damage? If so, then you can use your Traeger grill while it is raining out. Just be careful about how the humidity affects the cooking process.

If you do not have anything to protect your Traeger, be aware of how much rain is falling and whether it is falling straight down or at an angle that could lead to water getting into areas you want to keep dry.

As always, err on the side of caution. You do not want your grill, your pellets, or your food ruined by rain and the damage it could cause. 

How does a Traeger fare in the rain?

Traeger notes that the startup process can be affected by the rain and humidity, making it take longer than usual. 

You should also be mindful of the outside temperature while raining. Lower temperatures can affect how hot your Traeger grill runs, so if the rain is accompanied by cold, be aware of that as well.

What happens if you leave a Traeger in the rain?

Moisture damage can cause several problems for Traeger grills, including rust and pellet damage. 

Moisture from rain can cause your grill to rust, leading to further damage over time and affecting how well your Traeger runs. 

Rain can also get into the pellet hopper and cause problems with wood pellets.

Wet pellets expand and can cause jams in the auger, and they do not burn properly, causing dirty smoke and more ash than dry pellets. They can also break down into mush or produce more sawdust in your Traeger.

How to operate a Traeger in the rain

When you start your Traeger grill while there is rain falling, be patient with the slower ignition time. Try to have your grill under some type of protection to keep as much moisture off your grill as possible.

When you are done using your Traeger and let it cool off, make sure it is dry before you cover it, otherwise, the moisture will get trapped and cause even more damage.

Final Thoughts 

When using your Traeger grill, you want to avoid rain and moisture as much as possible. However, that is not always an option. If you get caught in falling rain and you still want to make some barbecue, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you can, keep your Traeger grill under protection from the rain that can withstand the heat and smoke from your grill.

The startup process can take longer due to the humidity, so be patient. Make sure your pellets stay dry or you might encounter auger jams or badly-burning pellets.

You want your Traeger grill plugged into a GFCI outlet for protection from any electrical shorts, and electricity and water do not mix.

Finally, dry your grill off after it cools before you put its cover on so you do not trap moisture against the outside of the grill.