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7 Tips For Using Touch Up Paint On Traegers

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Touch-up paint for Traeger grill

It happens to the best of pitmasters.

You do your best to keep your Traeger grill clean and looking brand new, but somehow, someway, the paint gets damaged.

Whether your grill got too hot or the grill got scraped by a grill tool, you’ve got an ugly defect.

How do you fix it?

Can you just use a small amount of paint to fix it?

What is the right kind of paint?

Are there problems that touch-up paint cannot fix?

Is the paint under warranty?

What does using touch-up paint for a Traeger do?

Touch-up paint can help fix areas where paint has been damaged on your Traeger, whether from heat damage, rain, or scratches. 

No one wants a grill, Traeger or otherwise, that looks bad.

The paint can make your grill look new or even protect it from further damage.

If your grill has cosmetic damage, you can take the time to use touch-up paint and restore your Traeger to its former glory.

If you neglect to get damaged paint taken care of, moisture could work its way through to metal and cause rusting problems.

That risk can be mitigated by proper storage but bubbled paint is a risk.

What kind of touch-up paint should I use on my Traeger?

You need to find high-heat paint capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 500 degrees. 

Home Depot carries Rust-Oleum High Heat Satin Bar-B-Que Black Spray Paint in a 12 oz can for $4.98 as of February 2022.

It can be used in areas where the temperatures reach up to 1,200 degrees.

It is designed to not only retouch your paint, but it helps prevent rust and resists chipping. 

There are other options as well.

Most hardware stores will carry high-heat paint.

Just make sure it can handle at least 500-degree heat. 

Is it necessary to use touch-up paint for a Traeger?

No, repainting your Traeger is not a necessity. 

Paint damage is usually cosmetic and does not affect how well your grill runs.

If you have paint damage that can lead to rusting, then touching up the paint on your Traeger can be a protective measure.

Proper storage is the first step to making sure your grill does not get moisture damage, but a good coat of high heat paint can be a useful tool. 

While it may not be a necessity, using touch-up paint when you notice damage can be good maintenance.

Plus, if you like using social media, having a good-looking Traeger in the background looks good.

When should I be using touch-up paint for a Traeger?

You should consider repainting your Traeger grill when you notice rust damage, paint bubbling up on the exterior of the grill, or if there has been any cosmetic damage. 

You do need to be aware of the weather when you are attempting to touch up the paint job, however.

For instance, the Rust-Oleum high-temp paint should be used at temperatures between 50 and 90 degrees with humidity less than 85%.

Otherwise, the paint may not dry properly.

The paint should only be used on areas of the grill away from the firepot and where food will not touch, so no spraying down your cooking grates!

When you complete the initial seasoning burn, take the time to check your grill to see if any paint has blistered.

If there were any issues at the factory with the painting process, the initial seasoning could bring it to light.

Getting that blistered and bubbled paint taken care of quickly can minimize the risk of rust. 

Does Traeger paint have a warranty?

Paint is not covered under the standard Traeger warranty. 

The warranty is focused on parts failing through normal use and dependent on the owner following the manual and focusing on regular maintenance.

If your Traeger is having paint problems, it is up to you to find a fix.

Final thoughts

While your first thoughts about maintenance and care of your Traeger grill may not revolve around its paint job, it is something to keep in mind.

A nice-looking grill is a welcome sight any time you go outside to fire it up, and a good paint job can provide protection for your investment.

If you take the time to touch the paint job up, make sure you are using a high-heat paint rated for 500 degrees at the minimum.

The higher the rating, the better for your grill. Paint touch-up may not be a necessity, but it can save you a headache in the future if you start seeing any evidence of damage.

Unfortunately, if you find paint damage, there is no guarantee your Traeger grill will be covered under warranty.

You can take matters into your own hands and it will not break the bank either.