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Smoking a brisket point for burnt ends (Explained!)

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Smoking a brisket point for burnt ends

A lot of people smoke briskets but don’t know how to cut or smoke burnt ends. It’s really simple to do, and requires you to basically chop up the point and of the brisket and then apply it to the smoker for another hour or two.

This really crisps up the chopped up brisket point and makes the burnt ends very juicy up to the point where they melt in your mouth as soon as you eat them. 

Burnt ends are one of the most coveted pieces of brisket, simply due to the fact that they are a little bite-size nuggets of fat and protein all in one. 

How to do burnt ends on a brisket

Doing burnt ends on a brisket is really simple. All you really have to do is just cut the brisket point up into little 1 inch cubes and then place them back inside of a pan while you place it back onto the smoker.

Let the Smoke and heat them up quite a bit more than usual, and pull them off after about an hour or two. The end result should be that you have his little miniature brisket Burnt End pieces that taste amazing.

 A cool trick you can do while preparing these, are to re-season them and perhaps even put another layer of rub all over them to further crisp them up and caramelize any sugar that you have in the rub itself. 

How to cut a brisket point for burnt ends

It’s really easy to cut a brisket point up for burnt ends. To do so, once you have finished smoking a brisket, feel free to take the point end of it for a small portion of the point, and begin slicing tiny little one inch cubes out of it. That’s really all it takes, and once you are finished keeping them up, put them in a pan and then reapply them to the smoker. 

What are burnt ends on a brisket

Burnt ends on a brisket are basically these little cubes that melt in your mouth as soon as you eat them. They are considered meat candy by many, and are one of the most delectable pieces of any barbecue you can have. 

What makes him so good is that oftentimes it will require you to re-season them and if you happen to have any sugar or any kind of glaze that you like putting on your meat, all of that will begin caramelizing even more and combining that with the fat and protein are in a jam packed inside those little cubes, it really just tastes so good. 

How long to smoke a brisket point for burnt ends?

The length of time you smoke a brisket point for burnt ends can vary. 

What really depends is really how hot and fast you decide to cook them at. If you’re cooking them at about 300 degrees Fahrenheit which is recommended, then it should take about an hour or two before I cook them through and caramelize them even more.

This should not only caramelize any kind of sugar rub that you had read apply to them, but also, caramelize all the fat that is jam-packed within each tiny little Cube. 

Final Thoughts 

Brisket Point burnt ends are delectable pieces of meat candy. It’s really simple and tastes quite frankly amazing for little to no effort. Just keep up the point of your brisket, re-season it and then place it back on the smoker for about 1 to 2 hours. The end result is amazing, and you then have a tiny little bite-size nugget of brisket that you can Savor and enjoy for long periods of time.