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Kingsford Charcoal Price: 6 Things to Know

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Kingsford Charcoal Price

A typical 16-pound bag of Kingsford charcoal briquettes usually sells for around $10.99. This is a slightly higher price per pound than a lot of the competitor’s charcoal briquettes. 

The high price of Kingsford charcoal is attributed to the high-quality, manufacturing standards, and availability of their briquettes on a national scale.

The cheapest price per pound for Kingsford charcoal can usually be found at national retail stores like Lowe’s, the Home Depot, Walmart, and Target. Double bag sales around popular grilling holidays like Father’s Day, Memorial Weekend, and the Fourth of July can yield an even better deal. 

Kingsford also sells 16-pound bags of charcoal briquettes with accent woods like hickory and mesquite in them for $12.99. It’s a slightly higher price per pound than the original briquettes, but it adds rich, authentic smoke to your barbecue experience. 

How Much Is a Bag of Kingsford Charcoal?

The most popular size 16-pound bag of Kingsford original charcoal briquettes usually sells for $10.99 to $12.99 at national retail stores. Though you can sometimes find double 20-bag promotional sales with 40-pounds of Kingsford briquettes for $25.99.

Kingsford also sells an 8-pound bag of original charcoal briquettes for around $7.99. Though this isn’t a very good price per pound compared to the 16-pound bag. 

They also sell charcoal briquettes with accent woods like hickory and mesquite in them for $12.99 for a 16-pound bag. 

Where Is the Cheapest Place to Buy Kingsford Charcoal At?

The cheapest place to buy charcoal is typically at discount box retail stores like Walmart and Target, or at bulk retailers like Sam’s Club and Costco.

Other national retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware are the next best place to find a good deal on Kingsford Charcoal. Especially if there are offering a double bag promotional sale around Memorial Day Weekend, Father’s Day, or the Fourth of July. 

Online vendors like Amazon, or the online ordering services offered by major retailers tend to be the worst price per pound for Kingsford charcoal. The per bag price might be similar, but there is usually a markup cost or shipping and handling fees attached to it. 

If you want to get the best possible price for a bag of Kingsford charcoal briquettes, it’s worth it to drive to the store to pick it up yourself. 

Kingsford Charcoal 8lb Price

An 8-pound bag of Kingsford charcoal typically sells for around $7.99. This isn’t a very good price per pound, which only makes it a good idea if you need a small bag for tailgating, trips to the beach, or some other type of portable grilling occasion. 

Why Is Kingsford Charcoal So Expensive?

Kingsford charcoal carries a higher price per pound throughout its line compared to a similar bag of charcoal from one of their many national competitors. Though the briquettes you get are considered by most to be the highest quality charcoal you can grill with. 

The quality ingredients and exacting precision of their charcoal-making process yields briquettes that light faster, burn longer and hotter, while also leaving less ash behind. A lot of people who end up trying cheaper brands end up coming back to Kingsford’s charcoal briquettes despite the slightly higher price. 

Though one of the segments in Kingsford’s line where this isn’t true is their so-called Lump Briquettes, which most don’t regard as being authentic lump charcoal at all. They tend to be double or triple the price of real jumbo lump charcoal, which makes them a narrow niche inside Kingsford’s diverse charcoal lineup. 

Final Thoughts

Kingsford might be one of the most expensive charcoal briquettes, but it’s hard to argue against their quality. They are made with exacting standards and ingredients that let their charcoal light faster, burn hotter, for longer and with minimal ash left behind, compared to the closest competitors. 

Still, the price of a typical 16-pound bag of Kingsford charcoal is only $10.99 to $12.99, which isn’t prohibitively high. You can often find the best price per pound at discount stores like Target and Walmart or at bulk retailers like Sam’s Club. 

Kingsford also sells smaller bags of charcoal briquettes, like their 8-pounder, which can be found sometimes at Walmart for around $7.99. Though $1 per pound isn’t a very good deal, which limits it to being a convenience item for portable grilling. 

If you want to find a good deal on Kingsford charcoal briquettes, you need to keep an eye out for one of their double bag promotions, where you might be able to find two 20-pound bags of charcoal for as little as $25.99. 

Yearend clearance sales around Labor Day are also another well-timed opportunity to stock up on Kingsford charcoal. With proper storage, a bag of briquettes can last up to 2 years. 

The prices you sometimes see advertised by online vendors like Amazon and Overstock might be tempting. However, there are usually hidden markup costs or shipping and handling fees that make them cost more per pound. 

In the end, driving to a store to pick up a bag of charcoal is still going to give you the best price for Kingsford charcoal.