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7 Things To Know About Kamado Joe Quality Issues

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Kamado Joe Quality Issues

Kamado Joe shares the top spot as being one of the best Kamado manufacturers in the United States. Kamado Joe is an American-owned company with products manufactured in China with specific high-quality control standards.

While Kamado Joe does their best to offer a high-quality grill, there are still times when manufacturing defects can occur.

This can include defects in the exterior glaze, wobbliness in the cart base, and a top vent that gets stuck in place.

There are also times when improper care and cleaning can affect a Kamado Joe’s performance.

Some common quality issues that occur include heating issues, and air hinge that won’t stay in place, mold buildup, a sticking top vent cap, or a temperature gauge giving inaccurate readings.

Though a lot of these issues are related to basic maintenance, cleaning, or wear and tear.

Most of the time, giving the Kamado Joe a good deep cleaning, cleaning a component, or adjusting a fastener will correct these issues.

Does Kamado Joe Have Quality Issues?

Kamado Joe has a strong reputation for being a high-quality Kamado manufacturer.

Though there is always a risk of an error in manufacturing managing to make it past the quality control inspectors.

Kamado Joe balances this out with good customer service and a 45-day return policy.

This is better than most of the competitors in the kamado grill niche.

Kamado Joe also offers a multi-tier warranty on all their grills.

This includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty on ceramic parts, a 5-Year Warranty on metal parts, a 3-Year Warranty on electronic components, heat deflectors, and pizza stones.

There is also a 2-Year Warranty on miscellaneous components and standalone accessories.

This level of warranty and return coverage makes a strong statement about Kamado Joe’s dedication to providing quality products.

It is better than most of the competitors, though arguably not as good as the limited lifetime warranty that the Big Green Egg offers.

What Quality Issues Does a Kamado Joe Have?

When it comes to manufacturer quality issues, material defects in the exterior glaze and increasing inaccuracy in the lid thermometer are two of the most common complaints.

These problems are generally covered under Kamado Joe’s 45-day return or warranty policies.  

Other common complaints like the air hinge failing to hold the lid, a sticking vent, and heating issues can often be resolved with a simple deep cleaning.

Some parts might also need adjusting due to normal wear and tear. Though in general, these issues are easy to fix without needing to make a warranty claim.

Is Kamado Joe Made in China?

Kamado Joe is an American-owned company that manufactures its products in Yixing, China.

They reportedly were very diligent about finding a manufacturer who could ensure the highest possible quality control standards.

Are Kamado Joes Worth It?

A Kamado Joe is definitely worth it, for outdoor chefs who do a lot of grilling and smoking.

The versatility and innovation they embrace lets you use a Kamado Joe as both a high-heat charcoal grill and a smoker capable of producing competition-level barbecue.

If you are the sort of person who just likes to grill on the weekends during the summer, then it might take you a long time to see a full return on your investment.

If you are the sort of person who grills or smokes multiple meals a week, then the Kamado Joe is worth the investment.

Is Kamado Joe Better Than BGE?

The Kamado Joe certainly has more innovation and accessories that have made them the best competitor positioned against the Big Green Egg.

With purists who are fiercely loyal in both camps, it’s hard to name a clear winner between their base models.

When you go a step further to invest in the Kamado Joe’s accessories like the Divide & Conquer system, the SloRoller, the pizza stone, or the soapstone, the Kamado Joe starts to stand apart as being better than the Big Green Egg.

Final Thoughts

The Kamado Joe is one of the best if not the best kamado grill on the US domestic market.

With proper care, cleaning and maintenance, it is well worth the money. Especially if you are someone who grills or smokes multiple meals a week.

There are a few common complaints about the air hinge failing to hold over time, the vent sticking or the flame not getting hot enough.

Though these are often related to general cleaning and maintenance.

Problems in the porcelain finish and other material defects usually show themselves within the first 45 days covered by the Kamado Joe return policy.

If you do suffer other material defects, Kamado Joe backs their grills with an impressive multi-tier warranty and a reputation for good customer service.