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6 Things To Know About Kamado Joe Jr’s Serial Number 

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Kamado Joe Jr Serial Number

Most Kamado Joe grills, including the Kamado Joe Jr. have the serial number either stamped under the lid or on the backside of the lid near the vent.

If you can’t find yours, Kamado Joe always puts the serial number for each model in each owner’s manual.

Knowing your Joe Jr’s serial number will come in handy when registering your grill to activate the warranty coverage, or if you need to make a warranty claim on a damaged or defective component.

Kamado Joe also keeps track of the original purchaser as their warranty coverage does not transfer if you ever sell the grill to a second party.

Where Can You Find a Serial Number on the Kamado Joe Jr?

If you can’t find your Kamado Joe Jr’s serial number stamped under the lid, you will be able to find it printed in the owner’s manual. When you find it, take a picture of it and save it to your phone, just in case you ever lose the manual.

What Does a Serial Number Do for Kamado Joe Jr?

The serial number is used to both register your Kamado Joe Jr to activate the warranty claim.

Though the warranty is only valid for the original purchaser. Kamado Joe keeps the serial number and your contact information on file in case you ever sell the grill to a second party, who then later tries to make a warranty claim.  

Kamado Joe Jr Product Registration

You should register your Kamado Joe Jr as soon as possible, and at least within 45 days of buying it.

This also activates the return/exchange window of time that Kamado Joe honors manufacturing defects, while also starting the warranty period for you as the original purchaser.

You can register your Kamado Joe at

Once you register your Kamado Joe Jr, they will periodically email you promotional information and update you about upcoming sales. Though Kamado Joe promises that they will never sell your contact information to any third parties.

Kamado Joe Jr Warranty

Kamado Joe has built a strong reputation for good customer service and backing the Kamado Joe Jr. with a multi-tier warranty. This starts with a 45-day return/exchange policy for initial manufacturer defects.

The Kamado Joe Jr carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty on ceramic parts, with 5 years of warranty coverage on all metal parts, as well as a 3-Year Warranty on electronic components, heat deflectors, and pizza stones.

All other miscellaneous components and standalone accessories come with two years of warranty coverage.

Final Thoughts

Locating the serial number on your Kamado Joe Jr. and registering it helps protect your investment.

It also activates your warranty coverage and might even help you find some great promotional sales on hot new accessories.

If you can’t find your Kamado Joe’s serial number stamped under the dome or behind the vent, you can always find it printed in your owner’s manual.

It might be a good idea to take a picture of the serial number to keep on your phone for safekeeping.You can register your Kamado Joe’s serial number at If you have a question Kamado Joe’s customer service can be reached by emailing or calling 1-800-489-1581.

If you do have a defect or warranty claim, the best to start is their online portal, which lets you upload photos at