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How To Register A Yeti Cooler? (Here’s What To Know)

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Registering your Yeti cooler not only helps activate the warranty coverage and validates your proof of purchase. They also send you a free gift including up to 5 high-quality decals to decorate your cooler, drinkware, or other items. 

You can register your Yeti cooler on their website at You’ll need to enter some basic personal contact information and note that there are opt-in/out checkboxes to let you decide if you want to receive future offers or other promotional information. 

How Do I Know If My YETI Is Real?

All Yeti coolers have a small sticker with a 12-digit serial number and QR code. It will be different from the UPC codes that typically start with either “8888” or “100.”

How Many Oz Is My YETI?

The popular Yeti Tumbler with a mag slide lid will hold up to 20 fluid ounces. Though Yeti does also offer 18, 26, and 36-oz Rambler® Bottles as part of their drinkware lineup. 

Final Thoughts

Registering your Yeti cooler at is a great way to ensure your warranty coverage is active. As an added bonus, they even send you some fun stickers to add a little visual flair to your cooler. 

Making sure that your Yeti cooler is the real thing, and not a knock-off is as simple as looking for the 12-digit serial number on the bottom. 

The popular Yeti Tumbler was designed to hold up to 20 fluid ounces, which is perfect for a standard soda bottle. Yeti also sells Rambler® bottles in a variety of sizes include 18, 26 and 36 fluid ounce sizes.