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How To Attach Blackstone Griddle Cover? (Explained!)

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How to attach a Blackstone griddle cover

To assemble a new griddle hard cover for your Blackstone griddle, you will need a Philips screwdriver. Take the parts from the box and lay them out conveniently to hand. There should be a cover, two handle mounting brackets, and two handles. There should be four screws, already in the handles for shipping purposes.

Assembling the griddle cover is quite simple.

1. Carefully remove the screws from the handles and set them aside. Be careful not to strip the threads in the handles as you remove the screws.

2. Take one of the handle mounting brackets, and align it over one of the holes in the griddle cover. Put one of the screws through both the hole in the bracket and the hole in the cover. Align the handle over the screw, and attach the handle. Line up the other end of the bracket and handle, and insert the other screw.

3. Repeat the process with the other handle mounting bracket and handle.

The new griddle cover is assembled and ready for use.

Can you add a hinged lid to a Blackstone griddle?

Some models of Blackstone griddle already come with a hinged lid. If your Blackstone griddle did not come with a hinged cover, it is very easy to add one. The hinged cover comes with the main cover piece, two mounting brackets, a handle mounting bracket, a handle, two long screws, two short screws, two acorn nuts and two washers. Lay out all the parts before starting.

Assembling the griddle cover is a straightforward project:

1. Attach the handle to the cover. The handle mounting bracket has an L-bend; this should be on the bottom side of the hood. Line up the handle, the cover holes, and the bracket, and attach the handle and the bracket using the two short screws.

2. Prepare the mounting brackets. There are right and left mounting brackets. In each case, the bend on the back faces out when properly mounted.

Take one of the long screws, and insert it completely into the right mounting bracket from the inside, the side that doesn’t have a metal insert showing. Take the other long screw and insert it into the left mounting bracket, but only as far as the flange extends.

For the moment, part of the screw will remain unscrewed.

3. Mount the right side bracket. The body of the grill is held together with two screws on the back right side. These will need to be removed temporarily, and the side bracket placed over it. The screws are then replaced to attach the right mounting bracket. Remove and reattach the screws one at a time

A grill with a folding side table uses those two screws to attach the side table to the body of the grill. The side table will need to be removed temporarily to attach the right side bracket; the screws hold both the side table and the bracket to the body of the grill.

4. The left side mounting bracket is attached in the same way.

5. To mount the cover, slide the right side of the cover over the screw extending out of the top end of the right mounting bracket. Position the left side of the cover over the screw at the top end of the left mounting bracket, and drive the screw in.

6. Place a washer and an acorn nut over each of the right and left screws, to cover the threads.

The lid is now ready for use.

Can you cook on a Blackstone griddle with the lid on?

Although a lid or cover for a Blackstone griddle provides obvious protection from weather and rain, it can also help with cooking.

Putting the cover over cooking food, or pulling the lid down provides a more even internal cooking temperature for the food, and can help prevent burning, by turning the griddle into something more like an oven.

Also, placing the lid over cooking meat helps preserve juices, and can lead to moister meat which does not dry out.

The effect is exactly like putting a lid over a pan when frying steaks or hamburgers.

When using the lid, keeping a close eye on the temperature is important. A food thermometer can help you keep food cooking at the correct temperature.

Blackstone hard cover vs hood

A hard cover may seem like an extra expense if the griddle doesn’t come with one initially. However, there are several reasons to add a hard cover. The hard cover provides better weather protection than a soft cover.

For the best climate protection, you may wish to use a soft cover over the top of the hard cover. The hard cover is also designed to withstand heat, and you can cover your griddle immediately after cooking.

A soft cover cannot be used to cover a griddle until it has cooled.