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How long is smoked brisket good for in the fridge? (Explained)

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How long does smoked brisket stay good in the refrigerator?

If you’re wondering how long you can let a brisket stay in the refrigerator, you have come to the right place.

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On average, most briskets can safely stay in the fridge and in a cold environment for up to seven days.

That is the length of time I usually let them sit there if I am smoking way ahead in advance.

If you’re not comfortable letting a brisket say inside of a refrigerator for that long, then consider only leave it in there for three days at a maximum. 

Regardless, despite however long you decide to let it sit inside of your refrigerator, make sure to seal it off entirely from the cold air.

This just helps trap all the oxygen and protects it from further oxidation.

How do you store smoked brisket in the fridge?

To properly store your brisket in side of a refrigerator, grab a container that is large enough to hold it. 

Make sure it also has a lid that you can properly seal it, since you don’t want a lot of oxygen to be hitting the meat for long periods of time in that cold environment.

How do you store leftover brisket?

Storing leftover brisket can be a very important thing to do, especially if you want to preserve and prolong all of your beautiful brisket slashes that you have cooked.

To do so, make sure to grab a large enough container to hold all of your brisket inside of it. 

Grab a lid, and properly seal off the overall container.

It doesn’t really matter from that point on how you decide to store it. 

Just make sure to not store it longer than seven days, because at that point you risk having mold get everywhere, and you don’t want that!

Final Thoughts

One of the interesting qualities of any smoked meat, and smoked brisket in particular, is that smoking it has the effect of prolonging the shelf life at which you can let it rest. 

That means that usually, meats that are just simply cooked, can’t be stored for more than just a couple days in the refrigerator. 

However, smoking it has the effect of allowing that time frame to be expanded up until seven days or more.

That means that if you have a brisket that you smoke ahead of time, or have slices that you need to reheat at a later point in time, then you can rest of sure that they will still be of great quality and safe to eat even past seven days.

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