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How Long Can Ice Stay in a Cooler Without Melting? (Here’s What To Know)

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Ice in a cheap cooler, on a hot day, exposed to full sun, can start melting in less than half an hour. Though a high-quality cooler with a tight seal, in a shady cool spot might be able to hold ice without melting for hours if not days!

The quality of a cooler’s insulation, the seal of the lid, the amount of ice inside, and how often you open it up will all factor into how long it takes for ice to melt. Crushed ice and ice cubes also tend to melt much faster than big blocks of ice. 

The truth is, there are a lot of little things and a few big ones that can affect how long ice can last in a cooler without melting. This will all factor into how long frozen items can keep in your cooler during a vacation or just for a long day at the beach.

How Do You Keep Ice from Melting in a Cooler?

A quality cooler with an insulated lid that seals tightly is the top priority when it comes to keeping ice from melting in a cooler. While it might take a bigger bite out of your budget to invest in a high-end RTIC, Yeti, or top-of-the-line Igloo cooler, you will save money in the long term by not having to repeatedly buy bags of ice. 

Placing the cooler in a shady spot with a gentle breeze also helps reduce heat energy from infiltrating the exterior. If you can’t get it out of the direct sun, try covering the cooler with some light-colored towels or an old blanket. 

Placing a single big block or two medium solid blocks of ice inside the cooler will also help keep them from melting. Cubes and crushed ice tend to melt much faster as there is more exposed surface area and each one has its own miniscule heat sink. 

Then do your best to open the cooler as little as possible. If you do need to get something out of it during the day, such as cans of soda, take out all the cans you need at once, as fast as possible, and seal the cooler again. 

The more hot air you let in the more heat energy there will be inside the cooler to melt the ice. 

How Do You Keep Ice from Melting for 4 Hours?

Assuming you have a quality cooler, keeping ice from melting for four hours or more starts with preventing heat energy from affecting the interior. This means leaving the cooler tightly sealed, placed in a shady spot, and only opening it when you absolutely need to. 

If possible, you should avoid:

Opening it frequently

Using ice cubes

Placing it in the sun

Adding warm items to the cold interior

How Long Will Something Stay Frozen in a Cooler?

With proper cooler protocols and block ice in the cooler, you can expect frozen things like a thick-cut steaks and pork tenderloins to stay frozen for up to a day or perhaps two in a quality cooler. 

Softer items, things with a lot of surface area, and ground beef patties might only make it a day before they start to thaw. 

These numbers go up in high-end coolers like Yeti or RTIC. They can also go down significantly if you are using a cheap cooler that has a poorly sealing, uninsulated lid. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a quality cooler and you’re doing your best to keep it out of the sun, leaving it closed, and you’ve loaded it thoughtfully, you can expect ice to last for a day or days without melting. You’ll get even better cooling potential if you are loading your cooler with ice blocks instead of ice cubes or crushed ice. 

Proper cooler practices are even more important if you’re trying to keep frozen foods from thawing. If possible, try to position your frozen foods in between two medium sized blocks of ice. 

Keeping the lid sealed tight, and placing the cooler out of the sun, a quality cooler by Yeti, RTIC or a similar competitor should easily be able to keep ice from melting for four hours of more.