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6 Tips For Buying Traeger Pro 575’s At Costco

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Costco Traeger Fremont

The Traeger Fremont sold exclusively at Costco is largely based on the Traeger Pro 575. Though you can get it at Costco for $649 to $599, rather than the $899 cost of the Traeger Pro 575. 

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While it is slightly smaller, the biggest difference between the Traeger Fremont and the Traeger Pro 575 is that the Pro 575 comes WiFIRE enabled. Whereas Fremont simply has an analog controller with a digital display. 

With up to 520 square inches of grill grate space and an 18-pound wood pellet hopper, the Traeger Fremont sold at Costco is easily big enough to cook a large meal for a family of four. It ends up being a very good deal over the cost of the Traeger Pro 575.

Is the Traeger Fremont Worth It?

The Traeger Fremont offers the same performance as the Traeger Pro 575, and nearly the same amount of cooking space. The lack of WiFIRE compatibility and Costco’s marked-down prices mean you can get the Fremont for nearly $300 less, which is a great deal!

Should You Get a Costco Traeger Fremont?

The Traeger Fremont based on the Traeger Pro 575 is a great deal at Costco and will perform just as well. You will just need to mind the grill in person, rather than use the WiFIRE app, which isn’t a big deal. 

Is Traeger Fremont Big Enough?

The Traeger Fremont sold at Costco is easily big enough to cook for a family of four. It offers a grand total of 520 square inches of grill grate space, with an 18-pound wood pellet hopper that will feed the firepot for up to 18-hours at 250-degrees. 

How Much Are The Traeger Fremont’s at Costco?

The Traeger Fremont sold at Costco normally retails at $649.99. Though it is frequently on sale for just $599.99. 

This is significantly less than the Traeger 575 it’s based on, which typically sells for $899.99. 

Final Thoughts

The Costco Traeger Fremont is easily big enough to cook a big meal for a family of four or host a cookout for your close circle of friends. At $649 to $599, it is significantly more affordable than the $899 Traeger Pro 575. 

Especially when you consider that the biggest difference between these two high-quality wood pellet grills is that the Trager Pro 575 is WiFIRE enabled. This remote monitoring app isn’t 100% necessary and certainly shouldn’t impact the price by over $300. 

This makes the Costco Traeger Fremont well worth the money. It’s a great entry-level wood pellet grill for a family. 

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