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7 Tips For Buying Traeger Grills With Warming Drawers At Costco

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Costco Traeger Grill With Warming Drawer

The Traeger Century 885 and the Century 22 are relatively new models of wood pellet grill with a warming drawer. They are sold directly by Traeger and affiliated retailers like Costco. 

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The warming drawer is meant to warm buns and hold over foods that get done ahead of time. It isn’t meant for raw foods, and shouldn’t be used as an alternative cooking area. 

The warming drawer draws its heat from the ambient heat energy of the primary cooking chamber and the drum of the internal firepot. This means that the hotter you cook with your Traeger grill, the more heat will build up in the warming drawer. 

You can monitor the warming drawer’s temperature at a glance by the thermometer built into the face of the door. If the internal temperature is getting too hot for your liking, you can adjust the louvered vent to let some of the hot air out. 

It’s a great way to keep different foods warm even if they get done at a different time. Perfect for families who want to dine together, even if the kid’s hot dogs get done long before the adult’s bone-in chicken. 

What Model of Traeger Comes with a Warming Drawer?

The Traeger Century 885 and the Traeger Century 22 come with a warming drawer built-in. It is meant to help hold over cuts of meat that get done before others and warm buns for the perfect hot dog or hamburger. 

This warming drawer is a relatively new feature for Traeger’s lineup of wood pellet grills and represents the company embracing innovation. 

Traeger Century 885 With Warming Drawer

The Traeger Century 885 sold at Costco has a lower cabinet that is specifically designed to be a warming drawer for foods like buns, bread, and rolls that need to be kept warm. It can also be used to hold over some foods that get done early. 

However, the warming drawer is not meant to be used to carry over the temperature or food or cook food. It is truly a “Warming Drawer” that will not advance the doneness on meats like steak or salmon filets. 

The warming drawer on a Traeger Century 885 is heated by two sources. This includes the ambient heat of the drum during cooks as well as the heated air that is redirected via the circular vent built into the drawer’s roof.

Since there is such a direct relationship between the internal temperature of the Traeger grill and the warming drawer, the temperature in the drawer can vary depending on how hot the primary cooking chamber is. 

The warming drawer also has its own temperature gauge on the door. If you need to adjust the heat inside, you just need to pull on the louvered vent above the drawer which will allow more hot air to escape. 

What Does A Warming Drawer Do in a Traeger?

As the name implies the warming drawer on a Traeger Century 885 is meant for warming foods or holding over foods that get done before others. It is not meant to cook raw foods and shouldn’t be used as an alternative cooking surface. 

Should You Buy a Costco Traeger Grill with a Warming Drawer?

Warming drawers provide you with the ideal place to keep buns warm and hold over foods that get done ahead of time. It’s great for families where the kids might want hot dogs, that get done in minutes, but the adults want bone-in chicken breasts that are smoked for 45 minutes to an hour. 

The warming drawer borrows its heat from the internal heat energy of the Traeger grill. There is a thermometer on the door, and louvered vents allow you to release hot air if the heat gets too high. 

How Do You Use a Warming Drawer in a Traeger Grill?

The warming drawer in a Traeger grill is easy to monitor and adjust. If you notice the temperature on the thermometer on the door going too high, you just need to open the small adjustable vent to let some of the hot air out. 

This lets you maintain the ideal temperature of keeping buns warm or hold over food that gets done early, without the risk of burning it. 

Final Thought

Traeger has recently started offering the Century 885 and the Century 22, which are wood pellet grills that come with a warming drawer installed under the primary cooking chamber. These models are sold directly by Traeger as well as Costco.

The warming drawer was originally designed to warm buns or hold over foods that get done ahead of time. You shouldn’t use it as an alternative cooking space for raw foods.

The primary cooking chamber and the drum of the internal fire pot both contribute heat energy to the Traeger Century’s warming drawer. The higher you set the temperature of your Traeger grill, the hotter the warming drawer will become. 

A built-in thermometer in the door makes it easy to monitor the internal temperature. If it starts getting too hot a louvered vent in the drawer can be opened to release some of the hot air and bring the temperature down. 

This warming drawer concept is a relatively new innovation by Traeger to help warm buns and hold over foods that get done ahead of time. It’s ideal for families who need to cook multiple foods for a single meal, as well as family gatherings where everyone wants a little something special. 

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