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Costco Brisket Price Per Pound | 8 Things To Know!

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Costco Brisket Price

Purchasing a brisket at Costco is going to cost you around 4 or 5 dollars per pound, which isn’t bad when you consider that you are getting a prime grade of meat that is going to have all of the beautiful marbling that you want to help you serve the best brisket.

With their large variety, you will have a lot to choose from to help you get just what you need for your smoking needs.

You may prefer one cut over another and that won’t be an issue as you will find that Costco will have all the cuts you may be needing. You can always count on the freshness at Costco to be be of the highest standards as well so you are able to trust what you are purchasing.

How Much Is A Costco Brisket Per Pound?

Costco makes brisket purchasing affordable by offering their customers quality brisket for around 5 dollars per pound. That’s not a bad price for prime grade meat that is fresh and comes from the best cattle. When meat comes from quality cattle, you know that the meat is going to be good quality also.

Young cattle are used for brisket, which means your brisket is going to be tender and juicy. You are going to get more than your money’s worth when you purchase your brisket from Costco. It’s nice being able to go to a store that you know you can trust and get quality meats at affordable prices.

The Difference In Price Between Grades

There can be a slight price difference in price between grades. It can be less than a couple of dollars per pound though, making it easy to go with a prime grade as opposed to a choice grade. Since the difference is so little, why wouldn’t you choose the prime grade over the choice grade when purchasing your brisket?

With prime grade, you know you are going to get the better marbling benefits that are so important when cooking a brisket. Choice grade will still offer marbling, but it will be less than the prime grade. Choice grade is still quality meat, but it’s not prime grade quality and Costco makes it easy to afford their prime grade brisket.

Choice VS Prime Price Per Pound

Choice grade will cost less than prime grade brisket since the grade is a lower grade. It’s not a bad grade, but it’s not prime grade. Prime is the highest grade you can get and there is about a two dollars per pound price difference in prime and choice but many feel that the price difference isn’t enough to keep them from purchasing prime grade.

They know the quality is higher and they know that the marbling is going to be better when going with prime grade. The prime grade can come from younger cattle, making the meat a more tender meat to cook.

Difference in Price Between Cuts Of Brisket

You will find that there could be a really big difference in the price per pound of cuts. The packer style brisket can run 2 to 3 dollars per pound while the flat can run around 6 to 8 dollars per pound. The point can also run around 4 or 5 dollars per pound.

Depending on your preference for the meat, you may not be concerned about the price. Some people don’t mind paying a little higher price for the cut they love the best. Some may choose the cut by the number of people that they plan to serve.

What Is A Good Price Per Brisket Per Pound?

Paying 5 dollars per pound per brisket is a good price. You will find that you will get a lot of meat for your money. The brisket can be one of the most affordable cuts of meat that you can purchase.

You can get good quality brisket that offers the marbling that you are looking for to help you cook a memorable brisket. Brisket will go along way, making it a cut of meat that is awesome for large groups.

Point Brisket Price Per Pound

Brisket will cost you around 6 dollars per pound, which is a really good price since you know you are getting a piece of meat that is juicy and is going to cook up tender and offer the moisture and flavor that you want for your dinner.

The point can be shredded for sandwiches and the burnt ends are so so good.

Flat Brisket Price Per Pound

The price of flat brisket per pound is about 8 dollars. The flat will have a nice layer of fat over it that will be a great cooking benefit, offering moisture and tenderness. Once it’s done, it can be thinly sliced for serving. A flat can feed a large number of people easily, making it a fine choice if you’re planning to feed 10 to 12 people.

Pay attention to the thickness of the flat when you are going to purchase one and make sure it’s not too thin on the tapered end so that you don’t have to worry about it drying out during cooking.