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Costco Brisket Point | 7 IMPORTANT FACTS!

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Cooking a brisket can be a challenge if you don’t know what you are doing.

Choosing the right brisket can also have your scratching your head.

Smoking is the best technique for any brisket you choose since it needs to cook slowly and on a low heat.

Cooking it slowly at a low heat will help you achieve a brisket that is both tender and juicy. 

What Is A Brisket Point?

The brisket point will be thicker than the other parts of the brisket. The point is the other half of the whole brisket.

The point has more connective tissue, more fat and more marbling, which can make for a brisket that is so tender and juicy that you will not want to stop eating it.

You will find that you will have a little more fat from this cut of meat, but you will also have more flavor.  

The point can be prepared and cooked the same way as any other cut of brisket, but you will find that it can take less time to cook than the other cuts.

The brisket point can be used for shredding and also for the bunt ends.You don’t have to trim the fat from a brisket point when you are preparing to cook it. The fat is where the flavor is. 

Fattiness Of The Point

The brisket point is where the fat is but that’s not a bad thing, the fat is what gives the point so much flavor. The fat will also help you to have a brisket that is juicy as well as tender.

You can shred your point once it’s done and you can create some sandwiches that are the best ever. A brisket that is moist and tender is usually what a cook wants for the finished brisket they are going to serve. 

 Is It Easier To Smoke?

Smoking the point is the same as cooking the flat. You want to have your smoker where the brisket is able to cook slowly at a low temperature. You will find that it doesn’t take as long to cook the point as it will to cook the flat.

You need to be prepared to watch your brisket so that the time doesn’t get away from you and you end up over cooking the point.

You can season your point with a rub or with your favorite seasonings prior to placing it on the smoker so that it has the flavors that you love. Pay attention to the temperature of your smoker as your point is cooking. Using a thermometer on your smoker is always a good idea. 

Would You Just Smoke It The Same Way As A Packer Brisket?

You can smoke your point brisket the same way that you would your packer brisket. You may find that you will have to adjust your cooking time since the point will cook faster than packer brisket would. Keep your smoker’s temperature low so that you can help to keep the point juicy and moist.

Choose the hardwood of your choice. Hickory is always a good choice for smoking meat. Make sure you keep plenty of water in your smoker’s bowl also, so that you are able to retain moisture in your brisket. The point will have awesome marbling that will also help to maintain the moisture. 

Do the Points Of The Brisket Cook Any Different?

The points will cook more quickly than other parts of the brisket, so you will want to make sure you check your internal temperature regularly so that you don’t overcook your brisket.

The point will also not be as tough as other parts of the brisket due to the amount of marbling that it has. Cooking them on a low temperature and cooking them slowly is the best way to get the most delicious point.

Average Weight And Size Of A Point Brisket

The point brisket usually weighs around 5 to seven pounds and it is about the size of a rump roast. Keep in mind that this piece of meat is going to shrink during cooking due to the amount of fat that it has. On the upside, the point is the most tender part of the brisket and it offers great flavors due to the fat content.

It will take less time to cook than the other briskets as well. The point can be shredded to make sandwiches or you can eat the burnt ends for a nice smokey flavor. 

Done Temp

A point is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 190 to 195 degrees. Like any other brisket, you will want to let it rest before cutting it or shredding it just so that you are able to save the flavors.

Use a meat thermometer to measure the inside temperature of your meat before you take it off of the smoker. If it’s not at least 190 degrees, leave it on the smoker until it reaches that temperature.