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5 Easy Steps For Cooking the Picanha Cut

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The purpose of this blog post is to show people how to cook the Picanha Cut of meat.

There are many different ways to cook it, but for now – we are doing it in the oven. When cooking the Picanha Cut, you will want to make sure that you first and foremost cook it to the right temperature. What temperature?

Just make sure it comes up to at least 135 degrees Fahrenheit. For prepping the meat – I like to use Kosher Salt & Black Pepper with a sprinkle of Garlic powder. Basically, just grab the Picanha Cut, and promptly lather the entirety of the meat with the seasoning until you see absolutely zero red. At this point, the Picanha Cut is now completely seasoned and is ALMOST ready to place in your cooking device – I used an oven for this cook.

Before actually cooking, make sure to WRAP the Picanha Cut in aluminum foil. 

Cook the Picanha Cut at an approximate ambient temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and let it rip until it hits your desired temperature. Just make sure to let it rest for around 20 minutes before slicing.


Picanha Cut – Getting Started

Picanha Cut - Getting Started


My favorite part of my blog posts – how to get started cooking a Picanha Cut of meat!

What you need:

  • Picanha Cut (Duh)
  • Oven
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Kosher Salt & Black Pepper
  • Thermometer

Picanha Cut – Kosher Salt & Black Pepper Seasoning 

Whoohooo! Seasoning my FAVORITE piece of meat – the Picanha Cut. 

Picanha Cut - Kosher Salt & Black Pepper Seasoning 

To properly season this beautiful piece of meat – make sure you head on over to your favorite grocery store and take a gander upon the meat selection. Depending on how sophisticated they are – you may or may not see it out on display. Bummer. It’s Okay though! Just go to the counter and ask the specifically for either:

Picanha Cut” OR “Top Sirloin Cap”

Sometimes, those behind the meat counter will not actually be aware what a Picanha Cut actually is. Once you have acquired the Picanha Cut, make sure when you’re ready to season it – you have a mixer bottle comprised of Kosher Salt & Black Pepper. Don’t forget the Garlic Powder as well!

Determining the correct amount of Seasoning for the Picanha Cut is really pretty simple.

Grab your Seasoning ingredients and just sprinkle it all over the meat until it gets to a point where the entire surface area is completely covered.

Don’t worry about measurements … every piece is different. That being said, just grab your bottle and get seasoning!

This is what the Picanha Cut should look like:

 Cooking the Picanha Cut - Seasoning

Picanha Cut – Aluminum Foil Method

Now that your Picanha Cut has been seasoned properly, let’s talk about the Aluminum Foil Method. What does that even mean? It basically is a way to ensure that your cut of meat is adequately wrapped in Aluminum Foil. This helps to ensure that a good amount of the moisture inside the meat is effectively trapped inside. You don’t want your Picanha Cut to come out dry do you? Nope!

Picanha Cut - Aluminum Foil Method

Wrapping the meat is fairly straight forward. Get a standard thing of Aluminum Foil from your local grocery store and make sure to pull out about a foot or two in length. Place your Picanha on one end, and make sure to start tucking the edges around the entirety of the meat, keep rolling it, and you should have something like you see below:

 Cooking the Picanha Cut - foil wrap

Picanha Cut – Thermometer 

Time to measure the temperature! This is one of the most critical parts of cooking ANY cut of meat. It can actually get somewhat complicated, but a general rule of thump is to cook this specific cut of meat – to a temperature of roughly 135 Degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure it is Medium to Medium-Rare. 

Picanha Cut - Thermometer 

What thermometer does the BBQ Dropout actually use? All kinds. But more often than not … will use the MEATER made thermometer. This is the BEST thermometer on the market, and I have tried a lot of them. 

Shortly after wrapping your Picanha Cut with aluminum foil, simply insert your MEATER probe. Once completed, just check your app on your phone and set the cut of meat to ‘Picanha’. Promptly select your desired temperature (in this case – 135 degrees Fahrenheit) and place in the oven!

Picanha Cut – Oven

Alright, you have acquired your meat – the foil – the thermometer – now what?


Picanha Cut - Oven

Just place your cut into the oven, and bake it at roughly 400 degrees Fahrenheit. There are a variety of ways to cook the meat – low and slow – hot and fast – etc. The approach you will generally see on here is a hot and fast approach. This means baking it at fairly high temperatures to ensure a timely cook. Definitely do not want to be cooking for several hours!

Once your Picanha has finally come up to temp, go ahead and pull it from the oven.