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Can You Start Your Traeger From The App? (Explained)

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Can You Start Your Traeger From The App 

Traeger’s updated WiFIRE app is available on their new lineup of D2 grills. It is designed to help you monitor and adjust your wood pellet grill.

Unfortunately, one of the things the Traeger app can’t do is ignite the grill from your smartphone or tablet. This is a safety feature to make sure you don’t accidentally turn the grill on while your phone is in your pocket.

However, the other features of Traeger’s WiFIRE app go beyond just monitoring and adjusting. It was designed to help you make the most out of your new Traeger grill, as well as understand its potential.

This includes the ability to remotely monitor the temperature of the grill and the meat being cooked. You can even turn the temperature up or down when needed.

The WiFIRE app can also set up timers and sends you reminders for routine maintenance. You also get access to thousands of great recipes to expand your wood pellet grilling repertoire.

What Can You Do from the Traeger WiFIRE App?

There are several key features and notifications that you can set up in the Traeger WiFIRE app. Not to mention access to thousands of great recipes.

Grill Temperature Monitoring

The Traeger WiFIRE app lets you monitor the temperature inside the primary cooking chamber. This is handy for preheating your grill, or times when you need to remotely monitor how it’s doing while you run to the store or entertain guests.

If a change in the weather affects the Traeger’s performance, your phone can alert you to temperature changes. You can then turn the heat up or down remotely from the app.

Meat Temperature Monitoring

Certain cuts of meat, like pork shoulders, pork roasts, salmon fillets, and prime rib roasts need to be pulled at specific temperatures. 

The WiFIRE app lets you closely monitor the internal temperature of the meat without having to open the lid, which could change the temperature of the cooking chamber.

Timed Alerts

If you’re making something that needs a specific time to cook at a specific temperature, or you need to change the temperature of the Traeger at a certain time, you can set up timer alerts. This notifies you without having to constantly check the time.

Routine Maintenance Reminders

With a lot of newer D2 Traeger models like the Ironwood and the Timberline, the WiFIRE app can also send you reminder alerts to do things like clean the grease trap or give the grill a deep cleaning. These routine maintenance reminders will go a long way toward maximizing your Traeger’s lifespan and performance.

Access to Recipes

The Traeger WiFIRE app gives you access to thousands of recipes, with more recipes being added by Traeger experts all the time. These recipes are easy to follow and can serve as inspiration for helping you understand all the delicious foods you can cook on your Traeger.

Final Thoughts

While the Traeger WiFIRE app can’t actually ignite your wood pellet grill for you, it does have a tone of remote monitoring and control features designed to help you make the most out of your grill.

Being able to remotely monitor the temperature of the cooking chamber, as well as the temperature of the meat being cooked makes sure everything gets done on time. It also lets you remotely change the temperature of the grill, even if you aren’t nearby.

This includes setting up time and temperature alerts, as well as helpful reminders when the Traeger needs some routine maintenance.

The vast library of tried-and-true recipes created by experienced Traeger chefs is an invaluable resource you shouldn’t overlook. Not only can these recipes inspire you to try new things, but they improve your chances of getting it right the first time.