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Using a Blackstone Griddle Inside the house | CAN IT BE DONE?

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Can I use my Blackstone Griddle indoors?

You bought a Blackstone griddle so you could make all sorts of meals at any time of the day outside.

Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you can do it all.

Yet when bad weather strikes, you need to cover up your Blackstone to protect it from the elements and cook some other way.

Or can you safely use your griddle inside?

Can you use your Blackstone griddle in your garage?

When rain or snow starts falling on your head, your first instinct might be to wheel your Blackstone griddle into your garage to seek shelter.

However, there are major safety concerns when it comes to burning fuel inside. 

When you burn propane or other fuels like on most Blackstone griddles, the process produces carbon monoxide.

When this happens in the great outdoors, it dissipates harmlessly and is no threat to those in the immediate vicinity.

So, while it may drive you crazy, all your guests crowding your griddle or grill are safe from carbon monoxide.

If you take that same fuel-burning process and put it in the garage, you have a much greater risk of sickness or even death.

Ventilation is key when it comes to carbon monoxide.

You could vent your garage by keeping the door open and making sure there is nothing obstructing airflow around your griddle, but there is a much higher threat of carbon monoxide poisoning regardless.

The other major concern is fire. Whether it is something catching fire from the propane burning or a grease fire, there is always a concern about something burning up.

That is a valid concern when cooking outdoors, which is why you should keep your griddle away from the house, much like any gas or charcoal grill.

If you take your Blackstone griddle inside, the risk gets higher and higher.

If you use your garage for storing paint or working on your vehicle, flammable fumes can be present. 

Is it safe to use a griddle indoors?

If you are considering setting up your outdoor griddle in your home, you essentially take all the risks of setting it up in your garage and multiply it exponentially.

Concerns about ventilation in a garage with a large door?

It is much harder to properly ventilate inside a house. Concerned about possible flammable materials being too close to the griddle in the garage?

Most likely the indoors are even closer quarters. While some may brave using their outdoor griddle in the garage while taking as many precautions as they can, moving the griddle fully inside heightens the risk of sickness and even death.

Is it safe to use a propane grill in the house?

Just like an outdoor griddle, burning propane on a gas grill can produce carbon monoxide.

There is no real safe way to use a propane grill or griddle inside your home.

The health risks and the possibility of massive property damage are simply too high. 

Blackstone Griddle countertop

When you think of Blackstone griddles, you probably think of the classic 36-inch model or possibly some of the slightly smaller sizes.

They also make portable tabletop models, perfect for tailgating or camping.

While you may be tempted to set one of these up on your kitchen counter, the risks of burning propane still exist even in smaller packages.

However, Blackstone came out with their E-series 22-inch electric griddle.

While it may not be anywhere near as large as the 36-inch propane model, the electric griddle has the advantage in that it can be used safely indoors.

If you live in an apartment where you cannot grill outside, the E-series would work well for you to prepare meals all the same.

Can you use a Blackstone griddle on a porch?

If you are still considering finding shelter for your Blackstone griddle but are concerned about the ventilation or fire hazards of the garage, your gaze may turn to your front porch.

Blackstone says that you should keep your griddle 10 feet away from any flammable material or structure. By that, a porch is also out of the question.

However, many people do use their outdoor griddles on their porches.

With good airflow, the risk from carbon monoxide is much lower than using the griddle in your garage.

There is still the risk of fire when you are burning propane that is close to the structure, though.

You may deem the risk worth it, but you still need to consider the risk.

Final Thoughts

As Blackstone says, their outdoor griddles are designed specifically for use outdoors.

That is the safest way to use them.

If you are looking for a way to use your outdoor griddle in inclement weather, there are other options to protect yourself.

There are hoods available for your griddle available through Blackstone directly for some models or elsewhere online.

You can look at options such as a grilling canopy or other well-ventilated enclosures.

Your focus needs to be on safety first, then you can concentrate on making the best food possible.

And if you find yourself wanting to griddle inside, the E-series is always an option.