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Brisket deckle fat removed | Should you do it?

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Brisket deckle fat removed

And brisket with the deckle fat removed is essentially just a brisket with only the flat portion remaining.

Some people may take this as literally scraping off all of the fat on both ends of the brisket, but usually when you hear when a  brisket deckle fat has been removed, you are now only dealing with the leaner part of the brisket known as the flat.

Other words the Terminology may make it sound like you were just removing the fat, but in reality, most experienced Pit-masters will take this notion as just obtaining the flat part of the brisket.

What is deckle off brisket

If you are wondering why at a brisket with a deck off actually means, it is essentially just cutting a brisket in half and only leaving the leaner flat part of the brisket in-tact.

This is entirely up to the individual in terms of how you want to prepare and serve a particular brisket. 

A lot of people for some reason actually don’t like a very fatty brisket, which is basically what the tackle is. It is the most fattest part of the brisket, and is extremely rich in flavor.

Sometimes, it can also be considered to be too rich, which is why a lot of people don’t even consider eating it at all.

What does brisket with deckle fat removed mean?

Again, what it means to have a brisket with the deckle fat removed, is to properly prepare the brisket with only the leaner part.

This is known as a flat only cut of brisket.

Should you remove fat from brisket before cooking?

You definitely do not have to remove fat from brisket before cooking.

A lot of people will say he need to just because most of it doesn’t actually run down and may become too rich to eat once the brisket is fully cooked and rested all the way through.

This is valid.

However, I like to have very fatty and moist tasting briskets so I leave all the fat on without trimming it whatsoever.

There really is no effect on the tenderness of a brisket if you were to trim it properly or leave the fat on.

The only difference in my mind would be the taste and how rich of a brisket you want.

If you leave the fat on, expect to have a nice juicy and very fatty rich filled flavor.

By taking the fat off, you are making it more beefy and leaner tasting.

Should you score the fat on a brisket?

Scoring the brisket is a method to further and part more flavor onto the bark of the meat.

In other words, if you pour tons of seasoning into a scored piece of barbecue, you are increasing the chances of obtaining an excellent quality bark with tons of flavor.

It will be nice and crispy and will be like it is melting in your mouth.

 It is definitely not necessary though, and you can still always get amazing BBQ without ever trimming any fat off and never scoring it whatsoever.

What is Deckel meat?

The deck on a brisket is known as the point.

The point portion of the brisket is the fattest and most rich and flavorful part of a brisket.

It is directly to the left or right of the flat, which is by far the most leaner part of the brisket.

Some people choose to have both the deck all or point fully intact with the flat part of the brisket.

They should be known as a full packer style brisket. Brisket with the deckle removed, is now considered either a deckle only brisket or a flat only brisket.

In other words you have two different options to explicitly only eat a certain type of brisket that is either lean or fatty.

For the most part though, I would recommend just leaving both the deckle and flat part of the brisket intact so you can enjoy both types of flavor profiles when eating it.

Do you remove the deckle?

It is not that common to remove the deckle.

You can, and if you want to only eat a lean type of brisket, then feel free.

But if you want the full experience of a brisket with both lean and fatty parts, consider leaving it on and separating both the point and flat once it is actually cooked all the way through.

Final Thoughts

A brisket with a deckle fat removed is essentially where are you separate the point in flat portions of the brisket into two separate pieces.

This has a lot more flexibility than cooking a brisket with both intact, but is usually recommended only when you want to eat a particular type of barbecue that is either fatty or lean and not both.