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Brisket Places in Austin TX

There is no question that Austin, TX has made a point of keeping it’s name on the map regarding BBQ reputation, particularly with brisket cooked Texas-style.

That, of course, includes a lot of local competition, and Austin has no shortage of brisket grilling restaurants and providers.

Two have been a long standout locally, including Franklin BBQ and La Barbeque, both getting rave reviews on a regular basis from Austin connoisseurs as well as visitors to the city.

Granted, nobody can agree on one set player being the best. Food is highly subjective, but even with cooking, brisket has to meet a particular minimum level of quality, especially with the smoking process.

Done right, most brisket is delicious, filling and a culinary experience. But these two players are even more of a standout than normal.

Franklin BBQ Brisket Austin TX 

Franklin BBQ has a long-standing reputation for Texas BBQ style, with Aaron Franklin running the show and spending every day training younger staff on the intricacies of making a high quality smoked brisket consistently.

Because of their historic position in Austin spanning years of happy customers filled to the brim with delicious dinners, Franklin has been a standard to beat in Austin for other brisket contenders.

What Happened to BBQ with Franklin?

Franklin’s reputation is not self-made; Franklin has been awarded multiple times for their food quality and product, one of the more notable awards being the James Beard Award for their brisket.

The award is not easy to achieve, and it confirms Franklin’s well-earned spot on the map as the place to go in Austin for best-cooked brisket. 

What Time Should I Line Up for Franklin BBQ?

In a word, early. The popularity, of course, makes Franklin’s a hard to get to place in terms of reaching the purchase counter. Franklin almost always has a huge line outside the door waiting to put in orders for their brisket, and that’s just for the basic platter lunch meal.

Most folks order a lot more to take advantage of the experience, since it’s not amenable to an everyday stop given the time commitment involved. Most folks end up ordering a larger amount to go, eating it elsewhere versus trying to have a sit-down lunch. And given how well the meat is cooked, it will sit fine in transport and be just as mouth-watering, melting in a diner’s mouth like butter on a hot knife. 

Who owns Franklin BBQ in Austin?

Again, Aaron Franklin is the namesake for the restaurant, and folks may have a very good chance of seeing Aaron running the show any given day at Franklin’s. Generally, Franklin’s is home on Tuesdays from 11am until wiped out through Sunday. Mondays are closed, so plan accordingly. 

How much does Aaron Franklin charge for brisket?

Orders with Franklins need to be a minimum of 3 lbs and can range up to 25 lbs. Pickup is curbside only outside. Orders can be put in 42 days in advance. Prices range per meat, but a 3lb order of brisket with sales tax is going to run approximately $110.50 per Franklin’s website

Does Franklin Barbecue Ship

Generally, shipping cooked meat is not a good idea. The refrigeration and containment of the food poses to many health risks for any kind of practical long-range shipping.

How do I get Franklin BBQ?

Franklin’s can be located at 900 E 11th St, Austin, TX 78702.

Is Franklin BBQ worth the hype?

Overall, Franklin’s has a well-deserved, long-standing reputation earned over the years because the restaurant continues to produce high quality food and dinners.

So, the hype is not a new fad; it is built on years of cooking good food that passes muster with thousands of Texans.

Does Franklin BBQ always have a line?

Unless the weather is absolutely cruddy, the line is almost a permanent fixture for Franklin’s. Many folks just plan to be busy the whole day until they get their order, given how long the line takes for order and pickup. 

Franklin Barbecue & Salt Lick

Salt Lick, another option for grilled and smoked meat in Austin, gets good reviews, but Franklin Barbeque, by most dining reviews, tends to be the better choice between the two venues. 

La Barbecue Austin 

Another Austin favorite, La Barbeque, has become very famous for its juicy, moist brisket stuffed with a notable flavor that keeps improving with additional experience and training over the years.

When did La Barbecue Open?

Started in 2012, La Barbeque was an original trailer type BBQ operation that became well known as it traveled around Austin serving hot and delicious meat dishes, including brisket.

Eventually, the outfit settled down permanently in East Austin and provided folks with a permanent go-to location for their cooking, which also opened the door for a wider menu of choices for customers to pick from, including smoked brisket dishes with more amenities. 

What should I order at La BBQ?

Well, the short answer is BBQ beef, of course! La Barbeque makes a point of using all natural meats, primarily in beef, as well as focusing on the marbling conditions before being cooked and added to with spices. That key factor focuses on the very elements that produce the most flavor in the meat automatically. 

Who owns La Barbeque?

Owner LeAnne Mueller has put her heart and soul into the operation with a dedicated crew and it shows. The brisket dishes people get to enjoy have repeatedly scored high stars and reviews, both from local Austin critics as well as visiting connoisseurs. 

Note for planning, La Barbeque has a bit of a limited schedule. They are generally open from Wednesdays to Sundays, running later in the morning from 11am until 6pm in the evening.