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Blackstone Griddle Warping? (Here’s What To Do)

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Blackstone Griddle Warping

Blackstone Griddles are top-of-the-line appliances, but what does it mean if yours has started to warp? Did you get a faulty product, or is warping normal?

All griddles will warp to some degree, Blackstone Griddles included. This is because of the way that metal behaves when it is rapidly heated and cooled, and it is a perfectly normal process. To protect your griddle and limit warping, avoid overheating your griddle and avoid placing frozen foods or cold water on a hot griddle surface. 

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why griddles warp and the best ways to protect your own Blackstone. 

Do Blackstone Griddles warp?

Blackstone Griddles do warp since they are made of steel.

If you own a Blackstone Griddle or are thinking of purchasing one, you should be aware that your griddle may warp, especially in the first 10-12 uses. 

Warping occurs because the griddles are made with steel, which is a metal. When metals are subjected to high heats, rapid heating, and rapid cooling, they warp. 

Usually, griddles are more likely to warp in the first few uses as the metal gets used to being heated and cooled. After the first 10-12 cooks on your griddle surface, the warping should even back out. If it doesn’t, or if your griddle is extremely warped, you can contact Blackstone’s customer service line. 

Why did my Blackstone Griddle get warped?

Your Blackstone Griddle may become warped if it cools down too quickly. 

Metal expands when it heats up, and it contracts when it cools down. If your griddle cools down too quickly, the metal surface will contract faster. 

Since some areas of your griddle are likely to be hotter than others, the cooling and contracting process can happen at different speeds on different areas of the griddle surface.

If one area has cooled and contracted faster than another area, your griddle surface will warp. Warping is most common when you first get your griddle, and it should decrease with time.

How to protect a Blackstone Griddle?

You can take the following precautions to protect your Blackstone Griddle from excessive warping. First, avoid overheating your griddle. Don’t make it any hotter than it needs to be to prepare your food properly. Next, avoid placing frozen food or cold water on a hot griddle surface.

Remember, griddles warp when the temperature of the steel surface changes too quickly. If you overheat your griddle, you are taking it to one temperature extreme. 

If you suddenly add frozen food or cold water, you are instantly dropping the temperature of the steel, which is likely to result in increased warping. 

By avoiding such extreme temperature changes on the surface of your griddle, you can protect your Blackstone against excessive warping. 

Is it normal for a Blackstone Griddle to warp?

Yes, since Blackstone Griddles are made of steel, it is normal for them to warp to a certain extent. The sheer size of Blackstone Griddles makes them more likely to warp as well.

When you have a large, flat steel surface like a Blackstone Griddle surface, the heat will be concentrated in the areas above the burners. With more surface area in general, more sections of your griddle surface are likely to be subjected to uneven heating. This can lead to “crowning.” 

“Crowning” occurs when your griddle warps in such a way that the center protrudes upwards. The center of your griddle tends to be one of the hottest areas on the griddle surface, making it more subject to rapid cooling and warping.

Some Blackstone models come equipped with reinforcing bars to decrease crowning. Yet, minor warping is essentially unavoidable, especially as you are breaking in your griddle. 

How do I stop Blackstone Griddle from warping?

The best way to stop a Blackstone Griddle from warping is to use the griddle with care and regularly season it.

By “seasoning” your griddle, you essentially are coating it in a layer of oil. This protects the griddle and keeps it non-stick for cooking purposes. If you’re not sure how to season your griddle, there are plenty of guides available online that can walk you through the process.

If you take steps to properly maintain your griddle, like regular seasoning, you’ll get additional years and use out of your griddle. On top of this, it’s important to griddle with care and avoid doing things that may damage it like placing frozen foods on an extremely hot griddle surface. 

Final Thoughts 

Since Blackstone Griddles are made of steel, they will naturally warp to a certain extent. This is particularly common in the first few times that you use your griddle. Prevention and proper care is key to avoiding excessive warping, however. 

While minor warping is to be expected, it should correct over time. In the case that it doesn’t improve or gets even worse, you’ll want to reach out to Blackstone.