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7 Ways To Understand A Blackstone 36 Griddle’s Temperature

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Blackstone 36 Griddle Temperature

With a combined thermal output of up to 60,000 BTUs, the Blackstone 36 is rated to get up to 560-degrees or more.

Though it is possible to potentially overheat the cold-rolled steel to the point where it can damage the seasoning layer, or even cause the steel to warp and develop pits.

Fortunately, you can use an infrared thermometer to accurately read the surface temperature to know when the Blackstone’s griddle top is properly preheated. This lets you know when to lay the food, as well as helps to prevent damage from accidental overheating.

How Hot Does a 36 Blackstone Griddle Get?

The burner elements on a Blackstone 36 are rated to produce 15,000 BTUs per hour each for a combined output of 60,000 BTUs, which Blackstone states can reach a maximum temperature of 560-degrees.

Though cold-rolled steel is very ductile and can potentially be heated to over 700 degrees if the burner elements on a Blackstone 36 are left on high for a very long time.

How Hot Will My Blackstone Griddle Get?

Blackstone has rigorously tested their cold-rolled steel griddle tops and burner elements and rates a maximum temperature of up to 560-degrees Fahrenheit. This is more than hot enough to sear steaks, chops, and kabobs.

How Hot Should My Blackstone Griddle Get?

Your Blackstone griddle doesn’t need to get hotter than 560-degrees.

While it might be a fun curiosity of science to see how hot you can get your griddle top, overheating can damage the seasoning layer. Prolonged overheating can also cause the cold-rolled steel griddle top to warp, crown, or start pitting.

How to Check Blackstone Griddle Temperature?

An infrared thermometer is the best tool for accurately checking the temperature of your Blackstone griddle top.

You simply point the small device at the surface, pull the little trigger, and a red beam of light will read the temperature of any surface you point it at. Most are accurate up to 1,000-degrees.

You can also use an analog surface thermometer that lays flat on the Blackstone griddle top. Though it is not as accurate and is slow to respond when you move it from a hot area to a cooler one.

Can You Overheat a Blackstone?

Preheating your Blackstone griddle for too long can overheat it beyond the 560-degrees it is rated to handle.

This can damage the griddle top’s seasoning layer. Excessive, prolonged overheating can also cause the cold-rolled steel to warp or develop pits on the smooth surface.

Final Thoughts

The Blackstone 36 with its combined 60,000 BTU burner elements can easily get up to 560-degrees on the cooktop. Though preheating it for too long can damage the seasoning layer and potentially warp the cold-rolled steel.

It’s best to lay the food as soon as the griddle top is properly preheated. You can use an infrared thermometer to read the temperature of the cooktop to know when it is properly preheated. It can also help you identify when the griddle top is in danger of overheating beyond 560-degrees or let you keep tabs on both sides of a dual heat zone.