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7 Tips For Modding Your Blackstone 22

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As any avid griddle user knows, the Blackstone 22 is one of the most popular models on the market. Its size and portability make it a favorite among tailgaters and camping enthusiasts, while its versatility and cooking performance make it a hit with home cooks. But what really sets the Blackstone 22 apart from other griddles is its ability to be modified. With a few simple mods, this great griddle can be transformed into an even more versatile and powerful cooking tool.

What Are Some Mods for Blackstone 22 Griddles?

Here are some of our favorite mods for the Blackstone 22:

1. Add a grill attachment.

One of the best things about the Blackstone 22 is that it can be used as both a griddle and a grill. However, the stock griddle attachment that comes with the unit can leave something desired. A simple mod is to add a grill attachment, which will give you even more cooking options and better results.

2. Replace the legs with casters.

If you plan on using your Blackstone 22 as a portable griddle, then replacing the legs with casters is a must. This mod will make it much easier to move your griddle around, and it will also keep it level on uneven surfaces.

3. Add a windscreen.

A windscreen is an essential gear for any tailgater or camper, and it’s also a great mod for the Blackstone 22. It will help protect your griddle from the elements and keep your food cooking evenly.

4. Replace the stock griddle plate with a cast-iron one.

If you want to get the most out of your Blackstone 22, replacing the stock griddle plate with a cast-iron one is a great mod. Cast iron provides better heat retention and distribution, meaning that your food will cook more evenly. It’s also more durable than the stock griddle plate, so it will last longer.

5. Add a second shelf.

A simple but effective mod for the Blackstone 22 is to add a second shelf. This will give you more space to work with, making it easier to organize your griddle area.

6. Add a set of side shelves.

If you find yourself using your Blackstone 22 in a tight space, adding a set of side shelves is a great mod. They will give you more prep and storage space, and they will also help keep your griddle area neat and organized.

7. Replace the stock burner with a higher-BTU one.

If you want to get more firepower out of your Blackstone 22, then replacing the stock burner with a higher-BTU one is the way. This mod will allow you to cook at higher temperatures, so you can sear meats and grill foods more effectively.

8. Upgrade the regulator.

If you plan to use your Blackstone 22 at high altitudes or in cold weather, upgrading the regulator is a must. This mod will ensure that your griddle always has enough pressure, no matter the conditions.

9. Add a drip tray.

A drip tray is an excellent mod for any griddle, but it’s beneficial for the Blackstone 22. It will catch any grease or juices that run off your food, making cleanup much more accessible.

10. Add a set of lights.

If you like to griddle late into the night, adding a set of lights is a must. This mod will allow you to see what you’re cooking, even when it’s dark out.

These are just a few of the many mods that you can do to your Blackstone 22 griddle. You can develop even more ways to customize and improve this excellent cooking tool with a bit of creativity.

Blackstone Tailgator Mods

If you’re looking for even more ways to customize your Blackstone 22, check out our Tailgator mods line. These products are designed specifically for the Blackstone 22, and they will take your griddle to the next level.

The Ultimate Griddle Kit

This kit includes everything you need to make your Blackstone 22 the ultimate griddle station. It comes with a grill attachment, a windscreen, side shelves, and a drip tray. It also includes a carrying case, so you can take your griddle with you on the go.

Blackstone Heat Shield

The Blackstone Heat Shield is a must-have mod for any tailgater or camper. It’s designed to fit the Blackstone 22, and it will protect your griddle from the elements while you’re cooking.

Blackstone 22 Wind Guards

If you want to keep your food cooking evenly, you need a Blackstone 22 Wind Guards set. These guards will deflect wind and other elements, ensuring that your food cooks evenly every time.

Blackstone Griddle Drain Mod

The Blackstone Griddle Drain Mod is a must-have for any griddle owner. It’s designed to fit the Blackstone 22, and it will make cleanup a breeze. It helps steer the grease directly into the grease cup without overflowing or spillage issues.

Final Thoughts

The Blackstone 22 is an excellent griddle, and it’s perfect for tailgating, camping, or backyard cooking.

The bottom line is, it makes it great when you are outdoors and one with a griddle and nature! With a few simple mods, you can make it even better.

Be sure to check out the line of Tailgator mods to take your griddle to the next level.

Everything included is designed for the tailgaters in mind, and we hope this information on mods helps stir the imagination.