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7 Tips For Using A Blackstone 22 Griddle Bumper Mount

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Traveling with your Blackstone griddle

Sooner or later, you will heed the call of the wild, and wish to take your show on the road.

But there is no reason to leave the Blackstone griddle at home. It can easily be transported and join you on your holiday adventures.

A Blackstone griddle can be carried in a car, or easily mounted to the outside of an RV for simple transportation.

Would you need to transport a Blackstone inside of the vehicle?

A Blackstone griddle is small enough and compact enough that it can easily fit in the trunk of a car, the back of a pickup truck, or inside an RV. If space is not an issue, this is a simple way to move the Blackstone, and it has the added advantage of being secure.

If space is at a premium, you can mount the Blackstone to an RV bumper, and carry it with you on the outside of the vehicle.

Are there custom Blackstone mounts available?

You can easily find the parts needed for making a custom mount to carry your Blackstone at an RV supplier, a hardware store, or on-line. You essentially need a swing arm mount to fit on the bumper, and a metal tray or table to mount on the swing arm, which holds the griddle.

Metal tables made specifically for models of the Blackstone griddle are available. These have the advantage of having pre-drilled holes that fit the legs of the griddle. The weight of the griddle then holds it in place.

How do you mount a Blackstone griddle to an RV?

To mount the Blackstone griddle to your RV bumper, find a spot on your back bumper wide enough to hold the arm and table. The arm should not extend past the side of the vehicle when folded back, as this would put the arm out into traffic.

Also, the arm and griddle should not cover the license plate or registration tag for the RV. If the RV has a propane connection already installed, the arm ideally should be located on the side of the vehicle with the propane supply.

Installing the swing arm is straightforward. The arm usually comes with two U-bolts and some locking nuts. Position the arm on the bumper, then insert the U-bolts, and lock them in place with the nuts. When the nuts are tight, the arm is secured to the bumper.

The table to hold the Blackstone can then be bolted to the swing arm. Tables made specifically for use with Blackstone products already have holes pre-drilled to fit the legs of the Blackstone griddle, and the griddle can simply be fitted into place.

If your RV has a propane supply, a gas hose and regulator will be needed to attach the griddle to the gas supply. Attach the gas hose to the propane supply, then attach the other end of the hose to the griddle. In working with gas supply hoses, don’t use tools to over tighten the hardware, as this may damage the connection and cause a leak. Rather, it is enough to use your hand to tighten the supply connections.

Do bumpers need additional reinforcement with the mount?

The RV bumper should not require additional reinforcement with the mount. You may wish to consult with your auto mechanic or RV dealer if your specific situation differs.

Can you leave and store the Blackstone on the mount?

The mount is intended to travel with the Blackstone, and the Blackstone can be used for cooking right on the mount. A good swing arm mount is sturdy enough for both purposes.

While the Blackstone could sit on the mount indefinitely, there are practical considerations, like climate and security.

If weather is an issue, you may wish to have a soft cover to put over the Blackstone to protect it from the elements.

Final Thoughts

A custom swing arm mount for your Blackstone is an inexpensive and simple way to take your griddle with you while traveling. The parts to make a mount are inexpensive and easy to find. They are also easy to install. The Blackstone can go with you on all of your adventures on the open road.