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Are Blackstone Griddle Covers Waterproof? (Explained)

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Are Blackstone griddle covers waterproof?

Whether you are thinking of purchasing a Blackstone griddle or you already own one, you may be wondering if you can keep it outside.

Blackstone griddle covers are water-resistant and can protect your griddle from rain, snow, dirt, debris, and rust. If you don’t have garage space and need to keep your Blackstone griddle outdoors, then you will want to purchase a water-resistant cover to keep your griddle working and to keep it clean.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how well a Blackstone griddle can tolerate the elements and what you can do to protect your appliance!

Can a Blackstone grill get rained on?

Since they are made of cold-rolled steel, not stainless steel, Blackstone griddles can rust if they are exposed to water, especially if the water is left to sit on the griddle. 

The longer that a Blackstone griddle is exposed to water, the more likely it is to rust. To prevent rusting, you will want to protect your Blackstone griddle from getting rained on. 

Since it’s not always feasible to keep a griddle indoors in the case of inclement weather, the best way to protect a Blackstone griddle from the rain is to purchase a griddle cover. Griddle covers are available in all different sizes, materials, and brands, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs. 

Can you wash a Blackstone griddle cover?

Blackstone griddle covers can be washed to keep them fresh and looking great. Most of Blackstone’s griddle covers are made out of heavy-duty polyester, which can be washed with a hose and gentle soap. 

To wash your griddle cover, you can hang the cover over a patio chair or on a deck railing. Remove any debris that may be sitting on top of the cover, and then rinse it down with a hose. 

You can apply a gentle soap with a soft rag to the areas that need some additional attention before rinsing your cover one more time. Once the cover is clean and free of any soap residue,  you should leave it out to air dry. Make sure it is completely dry before putting it back on top of your griddle. 

Do not wash or dry your griddle cover in a washing machine or a dryer. These machines are often too rough and can damage the cover. You can avoid this risk by simply washing the cover outside with a hose. 

Do I need a cover for a Blackstone griddle?

If you intend to keep your Blackstone griddle outdoors, then you will need a cover to protect the griddle from the elements. 

A cover will help to prevent damage from debris and dirt, as well as from rain and snow. If you leave your griddle uncovered, then the wind will be able to sweep past and deposit all sorts of debris on your griddle. From dirt, to leaves, to trash, anything can blow by and be left on your griddle. This is both unsanitary and unsightly. 

When it comes to precipitation, the last thing you want is water left sitting on your griddle. Sitting water will lead to rusting and severe damage. By purchasing a cover for your Blackstone griddle, you will be able to keep your griddle clean and avoid unneeded wear and tear. 

The cost of a cover is much cheaper than the cost of replacing a Blackstone griddle, so think of it as an investment that will help preserve your griddle. 

Do Blackstone griddles come with a cover?

Some Blackstone griddles come with a built-in hood, but most do not come with an additional cover.

You can buy a cover in a separate purchase. This additional expense is a small ask in exchange for increasing the longevity of your Blackstone griddle.

While a hood is a great addition, it will not be able to keep out all water in the case of a rainstorm or snowstorm. To prolong the life of your griddle, you will want to invest in a high-quality cover that is water-resistant or water-proof.

What is the best cover for a Blackstone griddle?

When selecting a cover for your Blackstone griddle, make sure that you select a high-quality cover that fits your griddle.

Blackstone offers a range of covers, and each has substantive reviews so you can decide which cover will be best for your needs. 

The 36″ GRIDDLE HOOD COVER, the 30″ CULINARY GRIDDLE COVER, the 28″ GRIDDLE WITH HOOD COVER, and the 36″ ORIGINAL WITH HOOD GRIDDLE COVER are four of the most effective covers for Blackstone griddles. 

With any of the griddle covers, you will want to position it in such a way that the water will roll off of the cover, not pool on top of it. Depending on your griddle model, you may need to put an object under the cover to create a tepee effect.

Final Thoughts 

Blackstone griddles are amazing appliances that can last a long time if they are properly maintained. You will want to keep your Blackstone griddle from getting wet by investing in a durable cover. 

By taking such preventative steps, your Blackstone griddle will be around for years to come!