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Where to Find Kamado Joe’s Serial Number? (Explained)

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Where to Find Kamado Joe’s Serial Number?

A lot of Kamado Joe’s have the serial number stamped under the lid, or on the backside of the vent.

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Though not all models have the serial number on them. That’s why Kamado Joe always puts the serial number for each model in each owner’s manual.

The serial number matters most for registering your Kamado Joe to activate the warranty coverage.

It can also play an important role later if you need to make a warranty claim inside the coverage window.

Kamado Joe, also notes the original purchaser and keeps you on file, as their warranty coverage does not transfer should you sell the grill to a second party.

Is The Serial Number Important for Kamado Joes?

It’s important to know your serial number as Kamado Joe asks that you register your grill shortly after purchasing.

This includes entering the serial number so they can note the original purchaser in their records, to keep you on file for warranty claims.

If you do more than 45 days without registering your Kamado Joe, and you need to file a warranty claim in the next five years, you will need to provide them with an accurate serial number.

Why Would You Need the Serial Number for a Kamado Joe?

If you ever need to file a warranty claim for your Kamado Joe, the customer service rep will most likely ask for the serial number.

They will then compare this to the serial number they have on file when you registered your Kamado Joe. The serial number might also come in handy if your Kamado Joe is ever stolen.

Should You Try and Find the Serial Number on a Kamado Joe?

Finding the serial number for your Kamado Joe is relatively easy and is necessary for registering your grill with the manufacturer and making a warranty claim.

You can usually find it stamped inside the lid or on the backside of the vent. If you can’t find the serial number on the Kamado Joe itself, you can always find it in the owner’s manual.

Kamado Joe Customer Service

Kamado Joe has a strong reputation for providing good customer service.

If you need to file a warranty claim, it’s best to start through their website’s customer service online portal at This is the best place to start a warranty claim as it lets you attach photos, along with all your pertinent contact information.  

If you have a question, you can also reach them by emailing or calling 1-800-489-1581.

Kamado Joe Product Registration

To make the most out of their potential return policy and warranty coverage, it’s best to register your Kamado Joe within 45 days of the original purchase or sooner.

While they will occasionally email you promotional information and inform you about deals via the email address you provide them, they promise not to sell your contact information to any third parties.

You can register your Kamado Joe at

Final Thoughts

Finding your serial number and registering it with Kamado Joe’s customer service is a smart way to protect your investment. It plays a role in activating your warranty coverage and can even open the door for some great promotional deals.

If you can’t find your Kamado Joe’s serial number stamped under the dome or behind the vent, you can always find it printed in the owner’s manual that came with your model.

You can register your Kamado Joe’s serial number at

If you have a question, Kamado Joe’s customer service can be reached by emailing or calling 1-800-489-1581.

If you need to file a warranty claim, it’s best to start the process on their online portal, which lets you upload photos at

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