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Where To Buy A Traeger Grill? (Explained!)

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Where To Buy A Traeger Grill

Traeger is one of the most widely sold wood pellet grills in North America. They are sold by national brick-and-mortar retailers like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Costco as well as smaller regional retail stores.

You can also get Traeger grills online through Traeger themselves, Amazon, and sites like BBQ Guys. Though there is often an added shipping and handling fee attached to the final cost of the wood pellet grill.

Finding the best possible price on a new Traeger wood pellet grill can take a little time. The best place to start is either Home Depot or Costco, as they are most likely to have a high-quality Traeger on sale.

The Traeger Roadshow can also be a great opportunity to find a good deal. Especially if you’re already a Costco member.

Ace Hardware and other stores like Runnings, Scheels, Cabela’s, and other licensed local retailers might also have Traeger grills on sale. They are also more likely to have great deals during an end-of-summer inventory clearance event!

When it comes to online sales, Amazon, Traeger and select sites like BBQ Guys are some of the top options. Just be prepared to pay some sort of additional markup cost for shipping and handling.

Most of the time, you’ll find the best price on a Traeger grill if you buy it in person at a brick-and-mortar retail store. Though online can make sense if the model you want isn’t available in your area, or you don’t have the means to transport a large wood pellet grill to your house.

Where Can You Buy a Traeger Grill

When it comes to national retailers who are licensed Traeger dealers, the top names to consider when purchasing your new Traeger grill are Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Costco.

A lot of these national retailers also have online sales available, which is a great option if you live far from one of their stores.

There are also some regional Traeger retailers like Scheels, Runnings, Best Buy, and select Cabela’s stores that also sell Traeger grills.

Traeger grills are also sold online by Traeger themselves, Amazon, and niche sites like BBQ Guys. Just bear in mind that pretty much all online sales will have shipping and handling costs added to the overall price.

Home Depot Traeger Grill

Home Depot is one of Traeger’s premium vendors for retail and online sales. Their national distribution, customer service, and propensity for having in-store sales promotions make them one of the top choices for buying a new Traeger wood pellet grill.

They sell pretty much all of the same wood pellet grills, wood pellets, and accessories that you can get from Traeger’s own website. Often at the same or a better price than what you would pay in the end if you ordered a wood pellet grill directly from Traeger.

Ace Hardware Traeger Grill

Ace Hardware is another popular national retailer selling a wide range of Traeger grills. Their prices are competitive with Home Depot and other retailers.

Though Ace Hardware is a little less likely to have sales promotions on their grills outside of Memorial Day Weekend, Father’s Day, and the Fourth of July.

Ace also has a lot of smaller franchise hardware stores in small communities, where prices tend to be a little higher, and the selection is slightly limited. So, while they are certainly worth price checking, small-town Ace hardware stores probably aren’t the first option when trying to find a good deal on a new Traeger grill.  

Costco Traeger Grills

Costco has a unique relationship with Traeger and sells their own premium lineup of Traeger wood pellet grills that you can’t get anywhere else. These Costco Traeger grills are based closely on popular Traeger models, with a few of the special features stripped out of them.

You end up getting the high-quality Traeger wood pellet grill, with all the same material build quality you expect, at a better price. The special features they take out of the Costco models tend to be bells and whistles that don’t affect the performance of the grill at all.

Costco also hosts special Traeger Roadshows with great sale prices and access to all the newest Traeger accessories. Most Costco warehouses host at least one or two of these expos per year, and they’re worth checking out when one comes to your town.

Costco also offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on top of the manufacturer’s warranty Trager puts on all their wood pellet grills.

If you have a problem within that 90-day window, you can return the Traeger to Costco for a refund or replacement. This is something that a lot of other retailers don’t offer.

This all means that if you’re already a member, Costco is a great first place to start shopping for your new Traeger Grill.

Amazon Traeger Grills

Amazon sells just about everything online, including an extensive lineup of Traeger wood pellet grills. The grill is delivered straight to your door, and a lot of models even come with the option of purchasing an additional 3 or 4-year protection plan.

Depending on where you live, there might also be the option of paying a little extra for expert assembly. This is a local professional who comes to your home to put the Traeger grill together for you.

This assembly service can be handy if you’re not all that mechanically inclined, or if the weight of the grill is a little too much for you.

The potential downside of ordering a Traeger wood pellet grill from Amazon is that you will end up paying additional shipping and handling costs. Even if you’re an Amazon Prime member, there will be some sort of additional markup rolled into the price to cover handling costs on their end.

Ultimately, Amazon is only a good option if you live far from a licensed Traeger retailer, or you can find the Traeger of your dreams on a special sale like Black Friday.

Where Should You Buy a Traeger Grill?

The first place to start shopping for a Traeger grill is either Home Depot or Costco. They are the most likely to have a wood pellet grill on sale, or at a steep discount compared to similar models.

If you’re a member, attending a local Traeger Roadshow can also turn up a good deal. These are direct sales opportunities with Traeger reps who can answer all your questions.

Traeger Roadshow sales reps are also working on commission, and sometimes you might be able to negotiate a deal on a model if you show up later in the day.

Checking your local Ace Hardware and other stores like Runnings, Scheels, Cabela’s and other licensed local retailers is also a great way to price check the Traeger models they have in stock. Especially if you’re trying to capitalize on an end-of-summer inventory clearance sale!

Taking an extra 10 minutes to price check with these other stores might just turn up a sweet deal on a Traeger grill.

Amazon and Traeger themselves are the last places to check for online sales. Though they only tend to have sales on major grill holidays like Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Black Friday.

You also will end up paying some sort of markup cost for shipping and handling when you order a Traeger grill online. So, it’s really only a good option if you live far from a brick-and-mortar retailer.

Can You Get Traegers Online and in Person?

Traeger wood pellet grills are sold online through vendors like Amazon, BBQ Guys, and Traeger themselves.

They are also sold through licensed retailers like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Costco, Scheels, and Runnings as well as a smattering of local hardware stores.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Online vs in the Store?

Most of the time, you will get a better deal on a Traeger wood pellet grill by buying it at a brick-and-mortar retail store. This spares you the shipping and handling cost that gets tacked onto most online sales.

Retail stores are also more likely to have special sales events on major grilling holidays. They also tend to have inventory clearance sales at the end of the summer where they try to sell the last remaining Traeger grills at a steep discount.

Online sales only really make sense if you are looking for a hard-to-find Traeger model that isn’t available in a store. Though you might be able to offset the additional shipping costs on special online sales events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

What Can You Buy with a Traeger Grill?

A lot of Traegers just come with the wood pellet grill, and perhaps a promotional bag of wood pellets. Though a lot of the Costco models also come with a Traeger grill cover that’s specifically designed to fit that model.

When it comes to top accessories to buy at the same time you purchase your Traeger grill, the top options are a grill cover, grill tools, and additional wood pellets. The cover will go a long way toward protecting your major investment from the elements, and you’ll need the pellets to fire up the grill for your first cook.

Final Thoughts

Traeger wood pellet grills are sold through popular national retailers like Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and Costco. You can also find them at regional retail stores like Runnings, Scheels, Cabela’s, select Best Buy stores, and a lot of small local hardware stores.

Traeger grills are also sold online by Traeger themselves, Amazon, and boutique grilling websites like BBQ Guys. However, most online sales end up having added shipping and handling charges rolled into the final cost.  

When shopping for a new Traeger grill, you should start at either Home Depot or Costco. These major retailers are more likely to have Traeger grills on sale, or as part of a larger promotion.

If you’re a Costco member and there’s a Traeger Roadshow coming to your area, you should take the time to check it out. You can usually get Costco’s lineup of Traeger grills at a discounted price, as well as the opportunity to pick the brain of Traeger experts.  

Other retailers like Ace Hardware Runnings, Scheels, Cabela’s, and smaller stores are also a great place to price check when you’re shopping for a new Traeger grill. These stores often have special sales promotions during prime grilling holidays as well as end-of-summer clearance sales.

If you live far from a licensed retailer, then buying online from a site like Amazon, Traeger, or BBQ Guys might make sense. Though there are usually additional shipping and handling costs tacked onto the final price of the grill.