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8 Pro Tips About When To Pull Your Brisket

When to pull brisket

Knowing when to pull a brisket on the smoker can be an important task.

To do so, you will want to pull a Brisket office smoker at 200°F in internal temperature.

That is when the collagen breaks down within the meat and allows for a very juicy and tender peice of barbecue.

Not only that, but you will also want to let the brisket rest and probably put it into a cooler.

When to pull brisket and put in cooler

As noted above, you need to know when you should be putting a brisket in a cooler.

You should pull the brisket out the smoker at 200°F in internal temperature, if it is wrapped then you’ll want to unwrap it and leave it resting on the counter for 30 minutes.

This lets any carryover heat escape. 

After that, place it directly into a cooler for several hours.

Resting a brisket inside of a cooler is one of the best ways to ensure that the internal temperature has plenty of time to come down and not evaporate the second you begin slicing into the meat, which is actually a problem many pit-masters face.

When to pull brisket temp

The average temperature that pit-masters should be pulling a brisket can be very important to know as well.

Specifically, you will want to pull a brisket once it reaches the internal temperature of 200°F.

That is when the probe inside of me begins to slide in like butter and allows you to understand that it is truly done.

To get scientific, collagen, connective tissue, and all the fat within the meat begin to render down at this temperature range.

It is perhaps the most critical part of any brisket cook, so you will want to ensure that your meat probe is accurate.

Pulling brisket at 195

There are different temperature ranges that many seem to recommend pulling a brisket off the smoker.

Notably, pulling a brisket off the smoker at 195°F can risk under cooking it.

At this temperature, the meat does not begin to fully render down all of the collagen and connective tissue.

To ensure that you come out with a very tender and moist brisket, only consider putting a brisket that has truly reached 200°F.

Pulling brisket at 190

Another thing that Pitmasters seem to experiment with is pulling a brisket off at 190°F.

Pull your brisket off at 190°F is one of the worst decisions you can make.

It gives the propensity for a very undercooked brisket.

The collagen and connective tissue do not even begin to start to render down at this temperature range, and there is no point in pulling it off at that temperature because the carryover heat is not hot enough to push it past 200°F.

What temp to pull brisket from the oven

Cooking brisket in the oven is no different than cooking one on any other cooking surface or in any other cooking device.

If you’re wondering what the temperature is your brisket  should come out of the oven you should be pulling it out at 200° in internal temperature.

How long to rest brisket 

Besides pulling a brisket out of any cooking device and knowing when to do so, nowing how long to let a brisket rest is very critical and the second part of the battle that you must tackle going forward. 

On average, you should let a brisket rest anywhere from 3 to 5 hours.

This lets the internal temperature come down to around 165°F which is a safe temperature to begin slicing meat.

If you do not follow this advice, then you risk cutting into a piping hot brisket that will evaporate all of its moisture content.

Final thoughts

Knowing when to pull a brisket is very important.

You should be pulling in Brisket out of the smoker or out of the oven at around 200°F.

Only pull the brisket out once it reaches this point in the cook, as well as having passed the the probe test.

At that point you, will want to place the brisket in a cooler for several hours before you even think about slicing into it.