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Weber Smokey Mountain Or Pellet Grill? | Let’s Take A Look

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Are pellet grills as good as smokers?

Pellets grills are increasingly common in backyards across the world as an option for smoking meat. 

While traditionalists may turn their noses up to pellet grills and questions still abound about how much flavor they provide, their ease of use, versatility, and consistency have made them a favorite. Pellet grills take the guesswork out of fire management which is a huge selling point for home cooks.

Can you use pellets in Weber Smokey Mountain?

Pellets are certainly usable on the Smokey Mountain, but they do require a bit more work than using wood chunks or chips. Due to their size, they would simply fall through the charcoal grate and burn up incredibly quickly if left loose.

However, they can be used in smoking tubes to add extra smoke flavor to smaller and quicker cooks like fish or poultry. 

Which pellet grill is better Weber or Traeger?

Traeger is the most well-known pellet grill manufacturer on the market. Weber put the first generation SmokeFire pellet grill out in 2020, then took note and improved on the design with the Gen 2 SmokeFire grills. 

With the improvements made for the Gen 2 grill, Weber put out an excellent pellet grill for cheaper than a comparable Traeger grill. The SmokeFire can reach hotter temperatures than any of Traeger’s grills, and the cooking space is superior to comparably-priced Traeger grills. 

Do pellet smokers actually smoke?

With most smokers, you will see smoke coming out of them as the charcoal and wood burn. While pellet grills may not provide as intense a smoke as traditional smokers, pellet grills do actually smoke. 

They burn hardwood pellets, creating a fire and smoke managed by a fan to efficiently smoke food. Top-of-the-line pellet smokers also have special settings to create a heavier smoke for more flavor.

Is a pellet smoker worth the money?

Pellet grills used to command top dollar, more than entry-level offset smokers. Now that the market has more competition from other manufacturers, prices have come down. If you are looking for convenience and ease of use over strong wood flavors, a pellet grill can be a good option for you. 

Pellet grills can provide big cooking surfaces while allowing you to set a temperature and focus on other tasks as they do not require as much observation as other smokers. However, there are top-of-the-line pellet grills that cost north of $1000. 

Is the Weber Smokey Mountain easy to use?

The Smokey Mountain is a great option for home cooks who want to smoke their meat but are not looking for the degree of work that an offset smoker requires. It is easy to use due to the number of vents, the charcoal chamber configuration, the front access door, and the included water pan. 

The combination of the vents and the water pan makes it easy to manage the temperature of the Smokey Mountain. The charcoal chamber allows for you to load enough charcoal and wood to get a lot of smoking done,. The access door allows you to add more charcoal and wood if necessary and keep the water pan filled without having to move the meat around.

What can I smoke on my Weber Smokey Mountain?

The Smokey Mountain can smoke all of your favorite meat options, such as brisket, pork shoulder, and ribs. You can also cold smoke with a smoking tube or other accessory, which means you can smoke fish and cheese, too.If it can fit on the cooking grate, you can smoke it. The Smokey Mountain allows you to be creative with what you cook on it. 

Can you grill on a Weber Smokey Mountain

The Smokey Mountain is designed for smoking, but it is possible to grill on it. You can achieve direct heat by removing the water pan, but there is still a significant gap between the charcoal and the cooking grates.

 If you are looking to sear a steak or a burger on the Smokey Mountain, it does take some work. The easiest method is to remove the center section of the grill and put the cooking grate directly over the charcoal ring.

How hot can you get a Weber Smokey Mountain?

The very design of the Smokey Mountain limits how hot you can get the grill in its normal configuration. However, if you remove the water pan and use the vents to create more airflow over the charcoal, you can get the grill up to 350 degrees at the lid thermometer for an extended period of time.

Traeger smoker vs Weber Smokey Mountain

Traegers are designed to allow for higher heat easier than the Smokey Mountain, allowing for grilling as easy as smoking. The top product lines can reach 500 degrees and the rest are capped at 450. However, by removing the center chamber on the Smokey Mountain as described above, you can sear or grill and get that cooked-over-charcoal taste.