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Buying Traeger Pellets At Sam’s Club? Here’s What To Know

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Traeger pellets at Sam’s Club

Now that the nice, new Traeger grill is set up and ready to go, it will need a steady supply of pellets, and that means going on a shopping run to find some.

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One popular stopping place is Sam’s Club. This article will explore the possibilities for finding Traeger pellets. We will also look at alternatives to Traeger pellets. The key considerations in shopping for pellets are wood type, quality, price and quantity.

Does Sam’s Club have pellets?

Sam’s Club is the membership club shopping branch of the Walmart’s corporation.

Its business model depends on carrying bulk quantities of a handful of nationally recognized brands, together with their own store brand.

At this time (mid-April 2022), a look at the Sam’s Club online website ( shows that they do not carry Traeger pellet grills, though they have another branded grill, and a couple of models of grill under their own private store brand.

Similarly, a search of the Sam’s Club website for pellets shows that they carry a selection of pellets for grills, but not under the Traeger brand.

In contrast, the Walmart website ( shows a range of Traeger grills available in April of 2022. They also carry several varieties of Traeger pellets in 20 pound bags.

Does it matter what pellets you use in a Traeger?

The main considerations in picking a pellet to use in the grill are the composition of the pellet, and its quality. Pellets are made to a standard size of compressed sawdust left over from sawmill operations.

The natural chemistry of the wood holds it together when compressed. The pellets could be made of a variety of wood, or of a single kind of wood, and this information should be labeled clearly on the bag.

Since the pellet can be held together by compression, you want to make sure there are no extra additives like glue, or other chemicals that may affect the cooking.

Similarly, some kinds of pellet are flavored with oils, especially for some types of wood like mesquite, which are not always in good supply.

It may be hard to determine the chemical composition of the oil, and you may not wish to use that in your cooking. Also, the oil may make it harder for the firebox to burn the pellet, and that could reduce the temperature of the grill.

In picking a pellet, wood type is key.

Hardwoods, like oak, can burn hotter, but may not produce a strong flavor. Other types of wood, like mesquite or hickory, are better for producing well-known smoke flavors.

Quality is also important.

The pellet should hold together well, and not crumble when you roll it between the fingers of your hand. Also, the pellets shouldn’t break down into a lot of sawdust at the bottom of the bag.

If there is excessive sawdust at the bottom of the bag, you may want to choose a different brand.

Finally, pellet storage is important. The pellets need to be kept dry, otherwise, they will crumble, and they will not burn well.

Can you use generic pellets in a Traeger?

There are many different brands of pellet. Some brands offer a wider range of wood choices than Traeger.

Also, if cost is a factor, you may wish to consider a different brand of pellet. Traeger tends to be sold at a higher price point than other brands.

Some companies offer larger bags than Traeger, and it may be handier to have a 40 pound bag if you expect to use the grill a great deal.

As long as the pellet is designed for use in a pellet grill, has a uniform shape that flows through the augur well, and is otherwise of good quality, it can be used in a Traeger.

Will Bear Mountain pellets work in a Traeger?

As long as the pellet is designed to be used in a pellet grill, then it can be used in a Traeger.

There are many different brands available. A Bear Mountain pellet should work in a Traeger. However, a Traeger uses a pellet for both fuel and smoke.

Bear Mountain pellets are designed to be used in meat smokers primarily, so they will put out more smoke and less heat than a Traeger pellet.

So, if you are hoping to have a fast burn and a high temperature, you may wish to consider a different brand of pellet.

Final thoughts

Walmart is a source for Traeger products, which don’t seem to be listed on Sam’s Club’s website.

There are a variety of alternative brands of pellets which can be used, and may even be preferable for a number of reasons.

In searching for pellets, look for brands that provide you with the type of wood you want, and in a quantity that is useful.

Check for quality pellets by looking at the bottom of the bag and seeing how much sawdust there is.

Once you have your pellets, be sure to store them properly so that they stay dry and intact.

You can, with some experimenting, find a pellet that will suit your cooking and grilling needs.

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