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Traeger Pellets Void Warranty (5 Things To know)

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Traeger Pellets Void Warranty

In the fine print of Traeger’s warranty, they note that “Fuels not compatible with the unit have been used” will not be covered under the warranty.

This can include things like using wood pellets from another manufacturer or using charcoal pellets that have a 40% hotter burn rate. 

It’s important to note that using another brand of wood pellets doesn’t void all warranty coverage on the grill.

However, if you tell Traeger’s customer service that you were using another brand of wood pellets, and something like a wood pellet jam, a bent auger, or a burn-back incident occurs because of it, then Traeger can potentially invoke the alternative fuel’s clause to avoid honoring the warranty on that damage. 

Other things that void the warranty on a Traeger grill include selling or trading it to a third party, as well as failing to properly clean or maintain it.

This means that something as simple as damaged caused by a grease fire caused by not emptying the grease trap in your Traeger might not be covered. 

Does Using Non-Traeger Pellets Void Warranty

Using non-Traeger wood pellets doesn’t void all warranty coverage on the Traeger.

Though using fuels that are not compatible with the unit, allows Traeger’s customer service the opportunity to deny a warranty claim.

However, this is hard for them to prove over the phone or via an e-mailed picture.

Being mindful of the wood pellets used when making a warranty claim is nonetheless a good idea. 

Under Tie-in-Sales provision laws Traeger cannot fully “Void” the warranty on the entire grill.

A tie-in sales provision requires the purchaser of a warranted product to buy a particular item or service from the specified company to use with the warranted product in order to be eligible to receive the benefits of the warranty. 

However, Traeger can deny a warranty claim on a specific incident caused by using fuels that were not compatible with the unit.

This means if you use another brand of wood pellets and a wood fiber jam bends the auger, Traeger is within its rights to deny the claim. 

However, the remainder of the grill still carries the full warranty coverage.

If one of the all-terrain wheels breaks off a week later due to a manufacturer’s defect, and it’s within the coverage period, Traeger is still required to honor the warranty on the damaged wheel. 

What Voids Traeger Warranty?

Traeger notes that their warranty is void if the unit is not assembled or operated in accordance with the operation instructions provided.

The warranty is also void if the wood pellet grill is resold or traded to another owner.

Warranty coverage can be voided for damage caused by components, accessories, or fuels not compatible with the unit that have been used.

A Traeger’s warranty coverage is also void if the wood pellet grill has been used in commercial or food service applications.

Traeger can also void the warranty if the owner has abused or otherwise failed to maintain the wood pellet grill.

Can I Use Other Pellets in My Traeger?

Most other wood pellet brands are mechanically compatible with a Traeger grill and will burn just fine.

Though Traeger can choose to void the coverage on any damage caused by using another company’s wood pellets under the pretext of those pellets being a “Not Compatible Fuel.”

Some lesser quality wood pellet manufacturers have more fillers or use artificial binders.

This can leave excess ash behind in the firepot and cause performance issues.

Some wood pellets are made with a lower compression process, or different drying techniques, which can increase the chances of them becoming compromised. 

This can leave dust and excess wood fibers in the hopper or auger shaft, increasing the risk of an auger jam.

Particulate matter in the auger shaft can also increase the risk of a burn back incident damaging the Traeger grill. 

These are some of the potential problems that can occur when you use another brand of wood pellets in a Traeger grill.

The wording in Traeger’s warranty can be used to void coverage of these damages.

However, it cannot void the entire warranty on all aspects of the Traeger grill. 

Final Thoughts 

The fine print in Traeger’s warranty notes that coverage can be voided if “Fuels not compatible with the unit have been used.”

This can include using wood pellets from another manufacturer or damage caused by using hot-burning charcoal pellets.

While using another brand of wood pellets doesn’t void 100% of the warranty coverage on the entire Traeger grill.

Though Traeger’s customer service can choose to void coverage for all components that were damaged by an auger jam or burn back incident involving a competitor’s wood pellets. 

Selling or trading your Traeger to a third party, can also void the coverage policy, which can technically only be held by the original purchases.

Warranty coverage can also be voided by damage caused by grease fires or other problems resulting from a failure to clean and properly maintain the grill.