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8 Tips For Traeger Grills Losing Heat

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Traeger Grill Losing Heat

You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where your Traeger grill is losing heat right when you most need to use it. 

People run into this problem sometimes, and they get very concerned that they won’t be able to have their party or whatever other event they were planning on hosting.

It is a legitimate concern, and the people who own these grills will tell you that a lot of people are counting on them once they realize that there is something as important as a grill get-together going on.

Thus, we wanted to look at some of the common reasons for a Traeger grill to lose heat. 

Why is my Traeger losing heat

One of the main reasons why a Traeger grill may lose heat has to do with issues with the air circulation in the grill. 

If there is an obstruction of some kind, this could cause the grill to have poor circulation and ultimately start to lose heat. That may make it impossible to use for cooking purposes. 

Another few reasons why the Traeger grill may lose heat include: 

  • There is too much food loaded on it
  • The lid is being opened too frequently
  • There is cold weather outside that is impacting the internal temperature of the grill

These are all issues that can be resolved fairly easily, but you need to know what is happening with them before you can start to address the problem.

If you feel that your Traeger grill is not functioning as well as it should be, then you need to make sure there is not a simple solution to the problem such as those listed above. 

How to Maintain Temperature in a Traeger

Try to work on maintaining the temperature of a Traeger grill by monitoring how it is operating and making small tweaks around the edges if there is something that specifically needs to be worked on. 

What this means is that you may need to do is make sure there aren’t issues such as air circulation problems or other issues that could be interfering with the ability of you to use the grill.

It could just be that a blockage is causing the problems that are giving you headaches at this time. That is actually great news in the sense that if it is just an air circulation problem, then you aren’t going to have to look at more technical fixes for your issues here. 

Make sure you put the proper amount of pellets in the Traeger grill each time you use it. If you don’t have the pellets set to the right level then it is possible that you could have a grill that will not maintain its temperature just right. 

Traeger Grill Not Igniting

If your Traeger grill won’t ignite at all, then you might want to check the auger. 

Sometimes there is an issue with the auger that could prevent you from having the full grilling experience that you have come to expect. You should always make sure you turn the grill completely off before you do anything else. Then you should:

  • Remove the grill grates, the drip pan, and the heat baffle
  • Plug the grill back in and turn it to the Smoke setting
  • Make sure the auger is turning as it is supposed to
  • Make sure that the pellets are being fed into the firepot as they are supposed to

If you can go through each of these steps and ensure that they are all functioning as expected, then the health of the auger is probably not the issue, and you will need to get in with customer support at that point. 

Problems with the Traeger temperature probe

This is one issue that you will need to contact customer support on if it ever happens to you. 

Unfortunately, you do not want to find yourself messing around with the temperature probe at all as it could make the situation worse or even potentially put you in danger if you touch it.

Just get in touch with customer support and see if they can send you a new one if it is seriously damaged.

How do I increase the heat in my Traeger?

The Traeger grill is so high-tech that you can actually increase the temperature of your grill directly from the app that you are meant to download when you get the grill. 

You just choose the heat setting that you want, and you will have your grill set up just the way you want it.

If you would like, you can set up the temperature for precisely what you are cooking and let it run its course while you are taking care of other matters. Obviously, you should always keep an eye on your grill just to make sure there are no accidents or incidents. 

Should I be adding more pellets to my Traeger?

There are times when adding more pellets to your Traeger makes sense. If you are not getting much of a reaction from the grill at all, it could be because it needs more pellets added to it. Always check the grill before doing this as the problem could be that it has too many pellets in it already.


The Traeger grill is an advanced grilling device that deserves to be enjoyed. Using it properly means respecting its power and learning how to best use every element of the grill to maximum effect. If you do that, then you should be in great shape to enjoy a wonderful barbecue experience.