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7 Things To Know Before Using A Traeger Grill In The Rain

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Traeger Grill in the Rain

Traeger grills are some of the most popular grills on the market. These slow-smoking grills are the original pellet grills.

Over the years, they grew in popularity and became a great way to grill and smoke all kinds of delicious meats and vegetables. 

The question on many grill enthusiasts’ minds is, can you still use your pricey Traeger grill in the rain?

Can you use Your Traeger Grill in the Rain?

You can use your Traeger grill in the rain.  According to Traeger, these grills can be used in most weather conditions, including heat, snow, and rain. Different weather conditions can cause changes in the function of the grill. 

Some problems that can arise from using a Traeger grill in the rain include wet pellets, a wet hopper, a clogged auger, and temperature control issues.

What happens if a pellet grill gets rained on?

A pellet grill getting rained on can cause problems such as wet pellets, an auger blockage, and a lot of work for you.

When wood pellets get wet, they expand and turn into sawdust. This makes them great to use as bedding for various pets, but you don’t want this to happen to bbq pellets. A bag of pellets left outside in the rain will turn into a heavy bag of mush in no time.

Wet wood pellets can’t be used for cooking anything. You’ll have to replace them with fresh ones. What’s worse, if the pellet hopper in your Traeger gets wet, the pellets inside can expand and end up clogging your auger. If the auger gets clogged, it will be a big pain to take your grill apart and clean it out.

Another issue that can arise when using your Traeger grill in the rain, is rain getting into the grease trap. The grease trap is meant to hold grease that cooks off of food inside the grill. If rain gets inside, it can cause the grease trap to overflow prematurely and make a big mess in the bottom of the grill. 

Can Traeger Grills get wet?

Traeger grills can get wet, but there are some things to keep in mind. Traegers are made to withstand water as long as it is less than 60 degrees from being vertical. Sometimes the grill getting wet can cause damage to the grill, such as control panel damage and rust. 

The control panel of a Traeger is water-resistance, but could still sustain some damage in a heavy downpour. Another problem is rust. Some Traegers are made of steel that is prone to rust.

One way to avoid these problems is only using your grill when it is sunny out. If you must use it when it is raining, try to use a well-ventilated shelter. A covered porch, gazebo, or tarp shelter will do.

Should you dry off the Traeger if it gets wet?

You should dry off your Traeger if it gets wet, but that’s not all. If your Traeger grill gets wet, you do not want to cover it right away. A grill cover will only hold moisture inside. Once it stops raining, take a clean, dry hand towel and rub all the droplets off of the grill’s surface. 

Then, leave the Traeger open for at least two hours. Once it is completely dry, place a dry grill cover over it to protect it from the elements. 

Will rain have an effect on the temperature?

Rain can affect the temperature. When it rains, increased humidity can make it difficult to get the Traeger grill to ignite. Further, it is often cooler when it rains, and lower temperatures outside can cause the grill to run at a lower temperature.

Snow and freezing rain cause Traeger grills to run at lower temps, so keep this in mind when using your grill in this kind of weather.

Final Thoughts

Traeger grills have been popular for decades. They are great for grilling and smoking all kinds of foods. They can be used in any weather, but weather can affect how they function.

Using a Traeger grill in the rain can cause wet pellets, a wet hopper, a blocked auger, or affect the temperature of the grill. If your grill does get wet, follow the steps to dry it properly and use a cover to protect it.

If you take good care of your Traeger grill and keep it protected from extensive damage from the weather, it will last you for years and countless cookouts.