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7 Tips For Turning Off A Traeger

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How to turn Traeger off

If you’re using a Traeger grill, you should always let it cool down before turning it off, otherwise, you could put stress on the electronics of the auger motor.

The Traeger can be turned off in one of two ways, with the power button or by unplugging it.

The same techniques are used to turn it on.

Turning off the power button

The power button is located on the control panel. Press the button once to turn it off.

Make sure to wait until the grill has cooled down before turning it back on.

The Traeger should never be turned on while it’s still hot, as this will increase the risk of fire or burn hazards.

Unplug the cord

The only other way to turn off a Traeger grill is by unplugging it from its power source.

This is generally easier than using the power button, as there’s no need to wait for the grill to cool down before plugging it back in.

Warning: Do not leave the Traeger plugged in when not in use, as this increases the risk of fire or electrical shock.

How to turn off Traeger without phone

First, make sure the grill is off and unplugged.

If your grill is on, turn it off (this can be done by pressing the “Power” button on the control panel for a few seconds).

Then pull out the hopper assembly by pulling back on the handle.

Next, remove the hopper lid.

To remove the auger, you will need to remove three screws located at the top of the hopper assembly with a Phillips screwdriver.

Once the screws are removed, rotate the auger 90 degrees so that it’s in a vertical position.

Then pull it straight up and slide it out of its housing.

Now, use your fingers or needle-nose pliers to pull out any pellets that are stuck in the auger.

While doing this, be careful not to break or damage any of the auger’s internal components.

This could cause future problems with your grill’s performance and may void your warranty.

Can you turn off Traeger during shutdown?

Yes, you can turn the grill off during shutdown.

Your grill should be shut down using its shutdown feature, no matter what model it is.

When you power down the grill, the auger and fan stop running.

These two mechanisms are what spreads heat evenly throughout the grill and creates smoke.

They also create airflow that keeps your fire burning and maintains a constant temperature.

So, when they’re not running, things will cool down quickly. 

This will help your grill to cool down more quickly and also turn off the auger motor, which could otherwise continue to feed pellets into the firepot, causing an unwanted fire.

Does Traeger shut off automatically?

Many Traeger grills come equipped with a safety feature that prevents the grill from getting too hot and damaging the surrounding environment.

If your grill can’t reach a sustained 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 consecutive minutes, it will automatically shut down.

Sensors in your grill track how hot it gets and, if it gets too hot, the grill will stop all cooking processes.

This is usually caused by a faulty igniter rod or an electrical problem.

  1. Check to make sure you have enough pellets to keep your Traeger running.
  2. A hopper that is almost empty can cause the temperature to drop too low and trigger an automatic shut-down. Check all electrical connections and replace any broken wires or connectors. 
  3. If you still have problems starting your Traeger after checking these factors, contact customer support for help.

How to turn off traeger pro

To shut down the computer, turn the dial to the shutdown cycle.

The grill’s fan will run for about 10 minutes once you close the lid.

Once that happens, the fan will shut off automatically.

You want to wait until all of the wood pellets have burned, and then you’re going to turn your grill dial to smoke.

Then you can open the lid up and push the button on your traeger control panel, and then it will automatically go into a cool-down cycle. 

This will run for about ten minutes so that it can cool down all of these components inside of your grill.

Once that’s done, you can turn this dial from the smoke setting back to off. And that’s it.

Your grill is completely turned off now and ready for storage or cooking again whenever you need it.

How to turn off traeger ironwood 885

At the bottom of the app page, tap the grill banner.

Select Shutdown from the menu.

To confirm the grill’s shutdown, drag the fire button down.

Traeger’s WiFire technology allows you to monitor and adjust your grill’s temperature, set timers, receive alerts, and more from anywhere using the Traeger app.

After each cook, it is recommended to shut down the grill using the Traeger app.

Once the grill is shut down, tap the Shutdown button in the WiFire banner.

Then confirm the grill shutdown by dragging the fire button down.

Final thoughts 

If you follow all of the above steps, your Traeger will last for years and serve you well.

It’s a little extra work at first, but it’s worth it.

In fact, if you’re going to spend money on one of these grills, do the job right from the start, and don’t scrimp on maintenance.

That way, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying your grill and less time repairing and maintaining it.