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How To Shut Down Traeger Without An App? (Explained)

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How to shut down Traeger without an app

If you love smoking and spending time outdoors, then a Traeger smoker is the perfect choice for you.

These smokers allow you to smoke all day long, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the flavor of your food.

Plus, with a Traeger smoker, you can cook multiple items at once, so you can feed your family or friends without having to worry about running out of food.

Unfortunately, like all good things, there comes a time when they must end.

If you’ve been smoking meat all day long, you’re probably ready to turn off your Traeger smoker.

And if you don’t have your phone around you, or aren’t near any piece of technology that you have the Traeger app downloaded on, don’t worry, there are several other options to shut down your Traeger grill manually.

One of the key advantages of shutting down your Traeger grill manually is that you can control how quickly it cools down.

This is important because it allows you to avoid potential problems that can occur when grills are allowed to cool down too quickly.

Additionally, shutting down your grill manually allows you to clean it thoroughly before storing it away, which can help to prolong its life.

Finally, manually shutting down your grill ensures that any residual heat is dissipated before you cover it or store it away, making it safer to use.

Can you shut down Traeger without an app?

Yes, you can shut down Traeger without an app.

Detailed below is just one of the couple of different ways to do it without using the app:

1. Turn the temperature knob to the “off” position.

2. Open the lid and remove any remaining food from the grill.

3. Use a brush or sponge to clean the grill grates.

4. Close the lid and make sure the vents are closed.

5. Disconnect the power cord from the outlet.

Now your Traeger smoker is turned off and ready for next time!

One of the coolest things about the Traeger is the many different ways to turn it off without using the app.

One way to shut down a Traeger is to turn off the switch on the back of the unit.

Another way is to unplug the unit from the power outlet.

Finally, you can remove the pellets from the hopper and empty the ashes from the firepot.

What is the proper way to shut the grill down?

The Traeger owners manual explains the proper shutdown process as follows: “To shut down your grill, first turn off the gas of the tank.

Next, turn the knob to ‘off’ on the control panel.

Finally, disconnect the power cord from the outlet.”

To shut down your Traeger grill with the app, simply open the app and navigate to the settings menu.

From there, you will see an option to turn off the grill.

Once you select that option, the grill will begin the shutdown process.

The amount of time it takes for the grill to shut down through the app will vary depending on the model of the Traeger grill that you have.

However, most models will take between 10-15 minutes to completely shut down.

Traeger Grill Shut Down Cycle

The shutdown cycle refers to the process of shutting down your smoker at the end of cooking.

This usually involves turning off the heat source, removing the food from the smoker, and letting the smoker cool down completely before storing it away.

When the shutdown process begins, the Traeger will enter into a preheat cycle to clean the grill.

This can take up to 30 minutes.

Once the preheat cycle is complete, the Traeger will beep and enter into standby mode.

In standby mode, the grill will remain at a set temperature (usually between 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit) until it is turned off.

To turn off the grill, simply press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

The Traeger will then enter into a cool-down cycle. During the cool-down cycle, the grill will slowly lower its temperature until it reaches 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this point, the grill will shut off completely.

It is important to note that the cool-down cycle can take up to an hour, so it is best to plan accordingly.

No matter what shut-down method you choose, make sure that all the food is removed from the grill and the grates are cleaned before you shut it down completely.

This will help to ensure that your grill is ready for next time.

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The Traeger maintenance video details the proper shut down as follows:

  1. Make sure to pull all the food off the grill.
  2. Turn the dial to the shutdown cycle setting.
  3. Close the lid – the fan on the grill is going to run for about 10 minutes and then automatically shut off.

Final thoughts

There are a few different ways that you can shut down your Traeger grill.

The most important thing is to make sure that all the food is removed from the grill and the grates are cleaned before you shut it down completely.

This will help to ensure that your grill is ready for next time. Enjoy that tasty brisket!