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How To Keep Brisket Warm All Day | And Keep It Moist!

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How to keep brisket warm all day

You can keep a brisket warm all day by placing it in a storage container such as an ice cooler or warming oven. You can also keep a brisket warm by wrapping it in either foil or a towel and then placing it in one of the above mentioned storage containers.

Keeping a brisket warm is very simple, and by utilizing the wrapping and storage techniques mentioned above, you are able to effectively keep a brisket warm all day long.

Keeping a brisket warm all day will also have the effect of letting the moisture inside of the meat to settle down in temperature. This basically helps the brisket become a lot more juicy and tender.

What to do if brisket is done too early?

If your brisket is done way too early, rest assured that by placing it in a warming oven or ice chest, you are able to keep it warm all day long while also letting the juices reabsorb back into the meat.

Something you may want to consider for future cooks, is why exactly the brisket was done way too early.

Was it the fact that you started the cook too early?

Or was it just due to complete randomness that the brisket happen to be done earlier than expected?

Perhaps you even cooked it at a higher temperature than you originally thought. High temperature smoking sessions can certainly decrease the overall smoke time for a brisket.

One more aspect of the cook that may have an impact on cooking time, is the marbling of the brisket or more specifically the grade of the brisket.

Having a brisket that is choice grade or prime grade will tend to cook quicker than that of a select grade brisket.

All this really means is that choice and prime grade have higher marbling content, meaning there is more fat between all the connective fibers within the meat, which then means it renders down quicker and can by default have a shorter cook time.

Select grade of brisket is usually a lot more lean, meaning there is more connective tissue to break down, further requiring a longer cook time than the other two grades of brisket.

Can I turn up the heat on my brisket?

If you’re resting the brisket and are planning to keep it warm all day long, but are worried about the temperature of the warming device, you can certainly try and increase the ambient temperature. If the brisket is resting in a warming oven, feel free to set the ambient temperature to around 175°F. This will help ensure that the overall internal temperature of the brisket will not reach below that point.

If by chance you are using an ice chest to conduct your resting, you may want to consider placing it in an oven if increasing the ambient temperature is of concern to you.

In other words, it becomes very difficult to strictly modify the ambient temperature in an ice chest compared to that of a warming oven.

How do you keep meat warm after smoking?

As mentioned above, one of the best ways to keep your meat warm after smoking is to either wrap it or place it in either an ice chest or warming oven.

Both of these types of methods will serve to keep your brisket warm all day long. There isn’t too much need to worry about over cooking your brisket, especially if you pulled it at the right internal temperature and have made sure that it is probing tender all throughout.

Will brisket still be warm after resting?

If you adequately wrap the brisket or place it in either an ice chest or a warming oven, you will be assured that the brisket will be kept warm after resting for a substantially long period of time.