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How to Cook Grilled Picanha? (Explained!)

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To get an amazingly juicy, tender, and grilled picanha – you are going to want to first of all cook it to roughly 135 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Before cooking however, make sure you get the right cut of picanha. Specifically, go to your local store and request a top sirloin cap.

This will ensure that the fat cap is adequate and will provide a better flavor profile for the meat. Once you have acquired the right cut, go ahead and season it with the famed Kosher Salt and Black Pepper. THEN you can place it upon your grill for cooking.

There’s no real science behind this method. Just get the right cut, season properly, and let it sit on the grill. 


how to cook grilled Picanha - Grilled Picanha

Cooking Grilled Picanha – Getting Started

Ever wonder how to cook Picanha on the Grill? 

Here’s how:

Cooking Grilled Picanha - Getting Started
  • Acquire the right Cut of Picanha
  • Proper Seasoning – Kosher Salt & Black Pepper
  • Weber Grill 
  • Remote Meat Thermometer

Cooking Grilled Picanha – How to get the right picanha cut of meat

This is actually harder than it seems… 

All you need to do is head over to your nearest grocery store or meat market – and request the following:

Picanha OR Top Sirloin Cap

Why is this harder than it seems? Picanha is really not that well known.

I know. Crazy. 

What this means is you either have to end up clarifying to those at the meat counter that you want a Top Sirloin Cap, or call ahead of time to ensure that they even have that cut to begin with. Usually, a meat market worker will either just not be aware what it even is or they are completely out of stock. These are just some common pain points that I have come across, especially since most often than not – it’s not out on the market floor display.

how to cook grilled picanha - vacuumed sealed

The above is a picture of what my local grocery store has available in the back – all vacuumed sealed and ready to go. Notice the very large fat cap on those bad boys. Once you are at this stage of the process, you are well on your way to eating VERY well.

Cooking Grilled Picanha – Kosher Salt and Black Pepper

Want to know what the BEST seasoning to use on a Picanha? 

Cooking Grilled Picanha - Kosher Salt and Black Pepper

Kosher Salt and Black Pepper. Here’s the specific bottle I use:

how to cook grilled Picanha - Seasoning

As you can see, this is from HEB. This is a highly effective mix of seasoning. Being in Central Texas – this is standard for essentially ANY cook. If you don’t have the fortune of being close to an HEB, just go pick up the ingredients separately. Once you have the ingredients, make sure to SEASON PROPERLY. 

How do I season properly?

Simple. Just make sure you get enough of the seasoning to cover the entirety of the meat. Keep sprinkling until there are hardly any open spaces of meat exposed. THAT is how you season properly. In short, just douse the whole thing in your seasoning. Don’t worry, the results will be fantastic!

Cooking Grilled Picanha – Remote Meat Thermometer

What meat thermometer exactly? 

Cooking Grilled Picanha - Remote Meat Thermometer

My all time favorite – the MEATER Thermometer. It’s an awesome wireless meat probe that integrates directly with your smart phone. The MEATER Probe is also able to measure the internal and ambient temperature of your meat simultaneously. Truly amazing.

To source this, you can either go to amazon or a local Barbecue shop. Mine was actually gifted to me, but I will be buying more very soon! 

Whatever thermometer you happen to be using, just go ahead and insert it, set the appropriate configurations, and Grill the Picanha until your desired temperature. For this cook, the Picanha was grilled until roughly 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking Grilled Picanha – Weber Grill

How to properly grill a Picanha on a Weber grill?

I’ll be happy to show you how! Essentially, once you are done prepping your Picanha – meaning the seasoning and thermometer are positioned correctly – go ahead and just slap it on the grates. 

Cooking Grilled Picanha - Weber Grill

My Weber grill is a three knob – there are three knobs to modify the actually propane being emitted. This just ensures a certain degree of temperature control to make sure you don’t cook your meat TOO fast.

Roughly speaking, this cook too about 30 minutes to cook all the way through. There’s nothing too complicated about this step either. Just make sure you are flipping the roast every 5 minutes or so to ensure an even cook. You definitely don’t want to have an over-charred 

Cooking Grilled Picanha – Results!!

Cooking Grilled Picanha - Results!!

Like the above photo? I do too! Once the Picanha was removed from the heat for resting – I wated approximately 15 minutes to ensure the temperatures could settle down.

Once that happened, I was able to slice it to perfection. 

how to cook grilled Picanha - Sliced

I sure hope this guide was useful! Stay tuned for more!

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