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How long to smoke brisket uncovered? (Explained!)

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How long to smoke brisket uncovered

If you are wondering how long you should smoke any brisket that you have uncovered, you have come to the right place. 

Second of all, uncovering a brisket throughout your smoking session has the effect of creating substantial amounts of crispy bark all over your brisket. 

First of all, briskets take anywhere from 1 to 2 pounds per hour to cook fully through. That is entirely dependent on how hot and fast or how low and slow the temperature that are you are smoking it at.

This is very important because you have to first of all determine whether or not you want a nice and crispy bark, or if you want it more soggy in nature.

If you wanna crispy bark, then really consider never wrapping your brisket to begin with. I have done is quite a bit and it’s one of my favorite ways to smoke a brisket.

If you still want someone of a soggy or crispy bark, then you can certainly just leave it uncovered up until it reaches the stall portion of the cook. That should take about 3 to 4 hours to reach that point, or whenever the internal temperature is roughly at 150°F.

How long to smoke brisket uncovered at 225

If you want to know how long you should be smoking a brisket uncovered at around 225°F in cooking temperature, then try and understand how long any brisket will take to smoke at that temperature range. 

It’s not really about how long you should be leaving it uncovered, more so than it is how long the overall brisket will take to begin with. 

For starters, most briskets smoked at 225°F will have a cook through rate of about 1 pound per hour. Once you figure that out, you just take however much your brisket weighs and plan ahead accordingly.

For substantially crispier barks, then take that overall cook time and apply it to what level of crispiness you want.

One more thing to consider for a smoking uncovered briskets at around 225°F, is that since the temperature is already so low, you may want to leave it Uncovered a lot longer than you would get hotter temperatures. That’s simply because it will just take a lot longer for the bar to start firming up.

How long to smoke brisket uncovered at 275

Smoking uncovered brisket at 275°F produces really firm bark. Not only that, but it actually may have the effect of shielding your brisket throughout the smoke from the residual and ambient temperatures that are very hot.

Most of the time, people smoking brisket hot and fast will leave them uncovered up until the stall, which should take about an hour or two to reach, then wrap it for another couple of hours, then take the wrapping off for the remainder of the cook. They should only leave the brisket Covered for a total of about 1 to 2 hours.

How long to smoke brisket uncovered at 250

Smoking brisket at 250°F is still considered low and slow, much like smoking them at 225°F. 

Since that temperature range is so low, I recommend following the advice I provided for the 225°F type of cook. 

You want to give a brisket plenty of time to fully have the bark become very firm and up to the crispiness that you want.

How long to smoke brisket uncovered in the oven?

Regarding how long you should smoke a brisket uncovered in the oven, it doesn’t really make any difference between your cooking device itself. 

What I mean by that is if you are cooking a brisket at any temperature, whether it be in the oven, or a smoker, the bark will still firm up just the same. 

Taking that piece of advice, figure out what temperature you happen to be smoking a brisket at, and then see whether or not it is considered a low and slow or hot and fast type of cook. 

That should give you an indication as to how long exactly you should try and leave a brisket uncovered.

Do you smoke a brisket covered or uncovered?

With anything BBQ, a lot of it is up to your own discretion and how you want your piece of meat to come out. 

In terms of recommendations that I can provide, I recommend leaving your brisket uncovered. 

Having a brisket that has been uncovered for pretty much the entirety of any smoking or cooking session, will give you the best chance of obtaining a nice crispy bark that tastes amazing. 

I am personally a fan of very firm and flavorful bark profiles on all of my pieces of BBQ.

When to wrap a brisket

Since I discussed earlier that wrapping a brisket is a factor in terms of how long you want to leave your brisket uncovered, then know that one of the reasons why you would begin to wrap a brisket in the first place is to simply just push it past the stall. 

It’s not really a mechanism that a lot of people will willingly use to diminish the bark of their meat. 

Most people I’ve talk to, actually really like firm and crispy barks. So just know that wrapping a brisket should only be done if your internal temperature is flatlining between 150°F to 170°F.

Should you smoke a brisket uncovered?

As with anything and BBQ, I always like to have very strong flavors on my meat. I go to great lengths to produce them, so I try to do what I can to increase their overall impact they can have.

A great way to impact how I eat a brisket or any piece of BBQ, is really by leaving them uncovered and unwrapped throughout the entire smoking session. 

I want as much flavor as possible, and I very much value the smoke ring that leaving them unwrapped can produce. 

When you don’t happen to wrap a brisket, The bark has all the Time in the world to firm up and obtain as much smoke flavor as possible. 

That is just not the case with wrapping briskets or your meat. 

When you wrap them, you basically lose all the hard work you’ve worked to get this far.

Does not wrapping your brisket impact the length of cook time?

If you’re wondering if length of time and the impact that wrapping or not wrapping a brisket can have on that time frame, then you should know that wrapping them will certainly decrease the overall cook time present within the cooking session.

This is a slight drawback to not wrapping a brisket. 

Not wrapping a brisket can certainly produce amazing results in terms of flavor and overall crispiness of your bark, at the sacrifice of how long you’ll be tending to the fire.

A good way though to protect against long cooks while still living a brisket unwrapped, is to just cook the briskets at hotter temperatures. 

That is a great way to obtain fantastic quality results for your bark while also reaping the benefit of having very short cook times. 

Once you can sort of know all the little tricks to get what you want out of your barbecue, it’s really pretty simple, and it’s just a matter of execution.

Final thoughts 

Wrapping a brisket can decrease the overall cook time for your meat, while unwrapping it can increase the overall cook time for your barbecue. Spot that, if you still want to have the benefits that in unwrapped brisket can provide, then consider cook them hot and fast.