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How long you should smoke a brisket flat at 225 (Explained)

How long to smoke a brisket flat at 225

If you’re wondering how long you should be smoking a brisket flat at, you’ve come to the right place!

For starters, most people try and smoke their brisket flats right at around 225 degrees.

That’s one of the most common temperature ranges you’ll see touted in the world of barbecue.

At 225 degrees, it should take roughly 1 pound per hour to fully cook through your brisket flat

That’s the average time it takes, and has been tested by myself and others for accuracy.

You basically just want the collagen inside of the meat to begin rendering down properly and not be pulled off the smoker before that point.

Depending on the size of your brisket flat, you could expect a cooking time of around 5-8 hours depending on the overall weight of the actually piece of meat.

Smoking a brisket flat only

Smoking only a brisket flat at around 225 is very common amongst many experienced Pitmasters.

All you have to do is season it thoroughly with salt and pepper, and promptly throw that bad boy onto the smoker.

Only consider pulling the barbecue once the internal temperature has reached approximately 200 degrees, and once the meat can be poked around with a tooth pick with zero resistance. 

Having no resistance present when you insert a probe or toothpick into it just tests for a fact whether the collagen for your individual brisket has indeed rendered down. It’s definitely a must!

How long does it take to smoke a flat brisket?

On average, you should be using the 1 pound per hour of cook time ratio for brisket flats smoked at 225. That is the rate at which any weight of brisket will cook through at that specific temperature.

Let’s take a quick look at the difference of smoking a brisket flat at 225 vs 225.

Smoking brisket at 250 vs 225

If you’re smoking a brisket flat at 225, use the temperature ratio of about 1 pound per hour of cook time. For 250, there is not much of a difference from that ratio, so plan to use the same at 250 vs 225.

That’s because at 250, there isn’t much of an increase in ambient temperatures to massively start increasing the internal temp of your brisket.

When you’re measuring the grate temps for your flat, just know that anywhere between these two temperatures are perfectly acceptable.

Now that we’ve discussed various aspects of smoking a flat part of the brisket at 225, lets do another recap of the cooking rate per pound.

How long to smoke a brisket flat per pound 

In summation, a brisket flat should take roughly 1 pound per hour to fully cook through. Just ensure it probes tender towards the conclusion of the smoke and only pull it once it reaches about 200 degrees in internal temperature!

Now that we’ve cleared up the average cook time per pound, I want to further discuss the difference between smoking an entire brisket versus just the flat part of a brisket.

Smoking a brisket flat vs whole

The length of time it takes to cook a brisket flat versus an entire packer style brisket is very similar in terms of the average cooking rate.

That means for any of these two types of brisket smoked at 225 degrees,  they will conclude with fully rendered collagen at a rate of about 1 pound per hour.

There is zero difference in the cooking ratio for both of these two cuts, regardless of the massive size difference.

Most packers are significantly larger than most flats you’ll encounter. That’s because packers actually have a fully fledged flat as well as point both still in tact. 

A flat is essentially just a packer brisket that has been cut in half.

Aside from the length of time to cook it, you’ll also want to pull both at the right time.

Make sure both are up to about 200 degrees before you even think about it.

Since we’ve discussed the length of time for a brisket flat to be smoked at 225, lets dive somewhat deeper into what that would look like considering if one were to be smoked on a pellet grill!

How long to smoke a brisket flat on a pellet grill

On pellet grills, you’re able to smoke flats at around 225 degrees. It’s super easy to do and popular brands like Traeger make it as easy as pushing a button on either the smoker itself or on an app on your phone.

Make sure to load up the basket full of pellets, season the flat, and you’re good to go.

For smoking specifically at 225, the core principles are all the same. Just ensure to go into it with the right expectations in terms of how long it would take.

Flats on pellets have the same cook through rate of about 1 pound per hour of cook time, and need to be pulled at 200 degrees in internal temperature.

Final Thoughts

The length of time it takes to smoke a brisket flat at 225 degrees is dependent on the overall weight.

At this low and slow temperature, you should plan about a 1 pound per hour of cook time going forward.