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How Far In Advance To Rub Brisket | (Explained)

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How Far In Advance To Rub Brisket

You should be rubbing your brisket anytime between several hours before or right up until you throw it on to the smoker.

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By seasoning your barbecue several hours before you actually place it onto the smoker, you are allowing time for the spices To further penetrate the meat.

Often times, especially with salt, you will find that the longer you let your rub have time to marinate within the brisket, it will come out a lot more flavorful, juicy, and moist.

How long should dry rub sit on brisket?

You can let your rod sit on your brisket for several hours.

This can be anywhere from 5 to 6 hours to get very specific.

Can you leave a rub on too long?

Depending on the amount of rub you’re actually applying to your brisket, there is a slight possibility of over seasoning.

Personally, I don’t think this is much of an issue because brisket is a very large and coarse piece of meat that requires a ton of seasoning.

Besides worrying about whether or not you are applying too much rub to the brisket, or leaving it on for too long before placing it on the smoker, you should be more worried about under seasoning the meat.

Brisket has the tendency to become significantly under seasoned.

Many people first starting out do not season the brisket well enough at all.

Don’t worry about leaving on rub for too long, letting it marinate for too long, or really just applying too much to begin with.

What is the best type of seasoning for brisket?

There are a variety of selections when it comes to seasoning a brisket.

For the traditional Texas style brisket, you will want black pepper and kosher salt.

The black pepper should be freshly cracked and the kosher salt is very coarse and large in grain size.

If you want to get really adventurous, consider putting garlic powder and maybe even hot sauce all over the brisket before you apply the traditional texas Stiles seasoning salt and pepper.

What does putting rub on a brisket in advance actually do?

Putting rub on a brisket in advance allows you to take full advantage of any marinating effects it may have on me.

Marinating affection this instance just means letting the flavor really penetrate all aspects of that meat for optimal taste. 

You don’t always have to be seasoning the meat several hours in advance, but can be a very useful way of packing in as much flavor as humanly possible.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time pit masters will just season right off the bat and throw the brisket directly onto the great after they pour the seasoning on top of it.

This can still produce amazing results and is something I do quite frequently.

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