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Do you have to use Traeger pellets? (Explained)

Do you have to use Traeger pellets?

Every grill needs fuel, and Traeger grills are no different in that regard. If you are cooking on a charcoal grill, you have choices about what you put in your grill to fuel the fire. If you are using a Traeger, you have similar questions. Lots of companies jumped on the pellet grill phenomenon and started producing their own pellets.

You can get different fruit woods, hardwoods, and blends for your pellet grill.

So what is the best pellet to use with your Traeger grill? Do their different pellets make much of a difference when it comes to flavor? Can you use Weber-brand pellets in your Traeger? Where can I find pellets near me for when I need to stock up?

What pellets should you use with a Traeger?

You should use 100% hardwood pellets made for cooking. Traeger says that you should use their branded pellets for the best results, but as long as the pellets you find are 100% hardwood pellets designed for use in a pellet grill, you will not encounter any unpleasant flavors or issues from contamination affecting your food. 

Once you have found pellets that are made for use in a pellet grill, you will want to make sure that the pellets are high-quality.

Lower-quality pellets may not burn as well and require burning more pellets over the length of your cook to produce the same results as a higher-quality pellet.

They can leave more ash in your Traeger, or if they have higher moisture content, they can jam your auger. Take the time to check reviews and ratings if you are looking for deals online. 

Do different Traeger pellets make a difference? 

While pellets may not offer the same amount of flavor that burning wood logs on an offset smoker does, you can achieve different flavor results using the different Traeger pellets. 

Traeger offers a full line of hardwood pellets to achieve the flavor profiles you are looking for in your barbecue.

They offer apple, cherry, pecan, hickory, mesquite, and multiple blends of flavors. Just like if you were smoking on an offset smoker, you will want to use the right flavors to pair with your meat.

For smoking big cuts of beef like brisket, a strong wood flavor such as hickory is a good place to start. If you are smoking ribs or pulled pork, adding fruit wood like applewood can enhance the flavor of the pork. 

Can I use Weber pellets in a Traeger?

You can use Weber pellets in your Traeger grill. You may have heard that using pellets other than Traeger’s own brand of pellets will void the warranty on your grill.

However, that is not true based on the warranties listed on Traeger’s website or in the product manuals. Traeger does say that for the best results, you should use their pellets.

So you can use Weber or any other brand of pellets without fear of voiding your Traeger grill’s warranty. Just make sure you verify the pellets are designed for use in a pellet grill and are high quality. 

Where to find pellets near me?

If you are looking to buy Traeger-branded pellets in store, your local Ace Hardware store or Home Depot should have them in stock. 

Both Ace Hardware and Home Depot are partners with Traeger and carry grills and accessories.

With the rising popularity of pellet grills in recent years, most big-box retailers carry some brands of wood pellets in stores.

Wal-Mart and Lowes may not carry Traeger pellets in-store, but you will find other brands that you can use if needed or desired.

Final thoughts 

You do not have to use only Traeger-brand pellets in your Traeger grill. You do want to make sure that whatever pellets you are putting inside your grill are high-quality hardwood pellets that are designed for use in a pellet grill.

Never use heating pellets as they can produce bad flavors and even worse. If you come across Weber-brand wood pellets, you can use them without fear of voiding your Traeger grill’s warranty.

With the increasing popularity of pellet grills, you can find wood pellets for your grill at most big-box retailers like Walmart and Lowes, but if you want to find Traeger pellets in person, go to your local Ace Hardware or Home Depot.