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Do You Have To Rest Brisket In Cooler? (Explained)

Do you have to rest brisket in cooler 

If you’re wondering whether or not you have to be resting your brisket in a cooler, you’ve come to the right place!

For the most part, you will always want to rest your brisket in either a cooler or warming oven. This is perhaps the second most important aspect of any brisket cook. 

It basically allows all the connective tissues and collagen within the meat to begin further rendering down, and allows the juices to soak back into the meat.

By having the juices soak back into the rest of the meat, and letting the temperature stabilize, you will be ensuring a very moist and tender piece of barbecue.

Let’s take a further look at what resting a brisket actually does to the overall meat.

What does resting brisket in a cooler do?

Resting a brisket essentially just let’s the internal temperature come down to a reasonable amount of around 165 degrees, and also let’s the juices soak back into the barbecue. In doing this, you are allowing for adequate slicing, without the worry of having all the moisture evaporate the moment you happen to slice into it.

Most of the time, when you don’t rest a brisket, it will be way too hot to ever think about digging in. If you were to do that, then the juices inside of each slice would promptly evaporate and you’d be left with a very dry piece of meat. 

This would happen even if you had pulled it off the smoker with the right internal temperature of around 200 degrees.

Always remember to rest your briskets!

Why you should rest your brisket in a cooler 

Since we have covered what resting in Brisket in a general sense does, you should know some of the important qualities of resting a brisket in a cooler specifically. 

The main benefit to resting a brisket inside of a cooler is really just so you can transport it easily. If you were to try and rest the brisket on the counter or even inside of a warming oven, you would not have this ability. 

Most of the general resting containers like Coolers and Warming ovens will provide excellent insulation that will allow you to adequately rest your brisket, but if you happen to be on the move, then you should certainly consider resting it inside of a cooler just so you can have that option available to you.

Who should be resting brisket in their coolers

Anyone who wishes to adequately rest a brisket and obtain the best possible results should be placing the Briskets inside of a cooler. It just allows for all of the juices to soak back up into the meat, and can be a great best practice whenever you happen to pull the brisket off the smoker.

How do you rest a brisket without a cooler?

To begin resting a large Brisket instead of a cooler, you just have to first of all ensure that it actually fits inside of the container itself. If it does, then you can certainly just place the entire me without any wrapping directly inside.

If you want more insulation to hold the brisket over a longer period of time, then consider wrapping it in foil, butcher paper, or even towels. That’s all it takes to rush the brisket inside of a cooler.

Let’s say that the brisket, though, does not fit into the cooler and you are faced with having to rest it without one. In this case, you would certainly be able to just either let it rest on the counter in a large pan for several hours, or perhaps even place it directly into a warming oven where you most likely will be able to fit it inside. 

The benefit of having a warming oven would be that you can directly influence the ambient temperature at which the brisket actually is resting at. This could be great for even longer resting, and can really start to slow down how quick the internal temperature decreases. 

This also would allow more time for the juices to soak back up into the barbecue, producing even better results.

Can I let my brisket rest in the oven?

You absolutely can rest a Brisket in an oven if doing so in a cooler is not an option.

As I noted above, just make sure to grab a large enough pan to fit the Brisket in, and slide it into the warming oven. If you want to rest it for periods of 3 to 12 hours, then consider switching the average temperature to around 165°F. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, resting a brisket is essential, but can be done with or without a cooler at hand. There are some significant benefits to resting with a cooler, such as ease of transportation, and ability to move it around if need be. 

Despite that, some coolers may not fit your entire brisket, so you have to adjust. You can do so by simply either placing it on the counter inside of a large enough pan, or even just slide it on inside of your oven for resting.