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7 Things To Know About A Costco Traeger Insulation Blanket

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Costco Traeger Insulation Blanket

Insulation blankets are a popular addition for a lot of smokers and wood pellet grills like Traegers. 

Not only do they help seal in the heat for better thermal efficiency in the firepot, but they also help to reduce the effects of air leaks on the smoke density of the primary cooking chamber. 

Costco is an affiliated retailer for Traeger grills, which means they also sell insulation blankets that are compatible with a lot of their in-house models. 

These insulation blankets are especially handy if you are going to smoke meat at low temperatures during cold or windy weather. 

However, the Traeger Silverton offered at Costco, and the Traeger Ironwood 885 do not have custom insulation blankets available. 

They have dual wall cooking chambers to help trap the heat and smoke inside. 

An insulation blanket is especially helpful if you need to use your Traeger in the wintertime or any time the weather outside is cold, wet, or windy. 

What Are Insulation Blankets Used for On Traegers?

Insulation blankets help to both hold the heat inside a Traeger grill for better heat control, as well as reduce the effect of smoke leaks. 

They are especially helpful if you are going to be smoking meat slow and low on your Traeger during cold, wet, or windy weather. 

Should You Get an Insulation Blanket From Costco?

The Traeger insulation blankets sold at Costco are a good idea if you are planning to smoke a lot of meat on cold weather days. 

Costco tends to carry insulation blankets that will perfectly fit most of the Traeger models they sell. 

Traeger Ironwood 885 Insulation Blanket

Traeger does not make an insulation blanket for the Ironwood, Timberline, or the Silverton. 

These wood pellet grills feature double-walled construction which does a superior job of sealing in heat and preventing smoke leaks. 

When Should You Use an Insulation Blanket for A Traeger?

The best time to use an insulation blanket on a Traeger is when it’s cold, wet, or windy outside. 

Though even on a nice day, using one during any long smoking session helps the Traeger burn wood pellets more efficiently while sealing in more smoke in the cooking chamber. 

Can You Use a Traeger In The Winter?

You can use your Traeger grill in the winter, but it will likely need to burn through a higher volume of wood pellets per hour just to maintain a consistent interior temperature. 

Covering the grill with an insulation blanket and positioning it out of the wind will help with heat control. 

Final Thoughts

Traeger makes custom-fitting insulation blankets to fit a lot of their popular models

They help to optimize the wood pellet burn rate, while also boosting the internal smoke density.

An insulation blanket can come in handy if you need to use your Traeger in the wintertime. 

It can also help with heat control anytime the weather outside is cold, wet, or windy. 

As an affiliated retailer of Traeger grills, Costco also sells insulation blankets that are compatible with a lot of the models they sell. 

Though the double-wall construction of the Traeger Ironwood, and Silverton means it doesn’t need an insulation blanket, which means Traeger doesn’t offer it in their lineup.