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Costco Brisket Review | 9 Things To Know

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When you’re ready to smoke an awesome brisket, make sure you shop Costco for your quality piece of meat.

You will find a great selection of brisket. They offer the point, the flat and the packer brisket and their meat is prime grade which lets you know you are getting the best quality.

Are Costco Briskets Worth It?

When you shop at Costco you will find that you can bet a great brisket for less than five dollars per pound.

The briskets they offer are of prime quality, making them an excellent choice. You’ll be able to able to smoke a delicious brisket for you and your family.

You will love the great marbling that you will find on a Costco brisket.

Every brisket smoker knows that marbling is one of the biggest factors in smoking a premium brisket.

You’ll be able to find the perfect size brisket for the crowd you are planning to serve. If you have only a few people you plan to feed, then you’ll find a brisket that is perfect for your needs. Many people don’t know that Costco sells some of the best meat around.

Can You Find Better Deals Elsewhere?

It can be hard to find a better deal on your brisket than what Costco offers. You may be able to get a cheaper brisket, but it won’t be of the prime grade that Costco offers.

Many butcher shops will offer a prime brisket as well, but the price won’t be as affordable as the price that Costco will provide.

When you shop at Costco for a brisket, you can count on their quality and their freshness.

You’ll be able to serve a brisket that is fresh, juicy and moist. Your guests are going to be amazed at how great your brisket tastes. If you haven’t shopped Costco for your brisket needs, then you don’t know what you’re missing. Make sure the next brisket you serve is a Costco brisket.

Grades You Can Get At Costco

Since Costco only sales the finest quality meats, you will find that they offer Prime grade as well as Choice grade briskets in their stores. You can count on the meat being tender and fresh. You can count on the fact that the brisket is going to have a great marbling feature to help you serve a brisket that can melt in your mouth. The prices are going to be a good thing as well.

Costco offers some really great prices on all of their cuts of brisket. A brisket can be an expensive chunk of meat, so knowing you are getting nothing but the best quality from that meat is a huge benefit. You’ll find the labeling on your brisket to tell you the dates that your brisket was processed and the date that it should be sold.

These labels help ensure you’re getting the best meat possible. Freshness is a major factor when you are purchasing any kind of meat and a brisket is no different. Everyone wants the best grade and quality of meat that they can get for their family.

Is Costco Good Brisket?

You had better know that Costco offers brisket. They take pride in making sure that their customers are only getting the best meat possible. Only top grades of brisket are sold by Costco, making them a great place to purchase whatever type of brisket you desire. Whether you plan on smoking a flat or a point, you are going to find the perfect cut that is going to make you king of the smoker.

A good smoked brisket starts with a fresh cut brisket that offers the best marbling, thickness and quality. There are many places you could choose to purchase your brisket, but you may find that Costco offers you the best deal on a prime grade brisket.

How Marbled Are The Briskets ?

The briskets at Costco offer some fantastic marbling. The prime grade is always going to offer the best marbling and that’s what Costco briskets are; prime grade. Marbling is like the secret ingredient to cooking the best brisket.

Those little lines of thread that run through the meat offer the flavor and the moisture that every brisket needs. The marbling will help the brisket to be juicy and tender once its’ done.The end result of a well cooked brisket with the right amount of marbling is out of this world. No other cooked meat compares to a brisket that has nice marbling.

Average Weight And Thickness

Costco offers briskets that are not only high quality but that are also the perfect weight and thickness. A brisket can weigh anywhere from 4 to 20 pounds and the thickness can be up to 6 inches. When you purchase, you will want to look at the thickness and make sure that it runs as evenly as possible throughout the brisket.

If some areas are less than an inch thick, they can dry out during the smoking process, leaving the meat tough and leathery. Finding a brisket that is more uniform in shape and thickness can be less of a challenge to cook.

How Does Costco Cut Brisket?

The briskets you will find at Costco are cut into 2 pieces or they are left whole or packer style. The flat and the point are the two options that Costco provides for its customers. Each piece offers something special to everyone.

The point offers some very tender meat that can be cooked so tender that you can shred it and the burnt ends on the point are a meat eaters’ dream. The flat offers nice and tender meat that can be sliced thin and that is filled with some great tasting juices.

Trimmed VS Untrimmed Brisket

If you are trying to choose between a trimmed or an untrimmed brisket, remember that fat is flavor. You don’t want to have too much of the fat trimmed or you may end up with a bland brisket and a brisket that is dry and tough.

A trimmed brisket can be higher in price when purchasing it also. You can easily trim off any of the fat that you feel is access to your brisket, but once it’s gone, you can’t put it back. Look for the right amount of fat and the right amount of marbling when you are choosing a brisket.

Benefits Of Buying A Brisket At Costco

Purchasing your brisket at Costco will allow you to choose a brisket that is of the highest quality and grade. You can also choose the exact cut that you want for your needs.

You will love the marbling that the Costco brisket offers and you are going to be impressed by the cost. I think that purchasing your brisket at Costco is going to exceed your expectations of what you thought a brisket should be.