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7 Tips For Choosing A Stove Top Griddle Plate  

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Choosing a stove top griddle plate 

Fast, flexible cooking and easy clean-up are only a griddle plate away. With a stove top griddle plate, you can revolutionize your cooking game with one easy purchase. 

Griddle plates are wide, flat cooking surfaces that you can use on a stove top to prepare breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

When selecting your own griddle plate, it is important to choose a griddle with the shape, size, and material that matches your personal cooking needs and the stove top that you plan to use as a heat source. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how to use a griddle plate on a stove top, the benefits of using a griddle plate on a stove top, and how to select the best griddle plate for your own stove top.

Can I use a griddle on a stove top?

Yes, you can definitely use a griddle on a stove top! As long as the griddle plates and the stove top are compatible, you can use a griddle on your stove top to prepare just about anything.

Some griddle plates are compatible with multiple kinds of stove tops, whereas others are designed to be used with a specific type of stove top.

Traditional plug-in electric griddles come with their own heating coil underneath the pan and should not be used on a stove top. With a griddle plate, you will have a large, flat cooking surface, and no attached coil or cord. 

Quality griddle plates will come with a grease trap, will heat up evenly, and will simplify the cooking process by eliminating the need for multiple pans.

Should I use a griddle plate on a stove top?

Griddle plates are a great option for people who are looking to increase their cooking space, expand their cooking options, and reduce their clean-up time. 

Consider how many times you’ve had to use multiple skillets just to prepare a single meal.

With a griddle plate, you will have more cooking space than multiple skillets can provide, and you’ll have fewer dishes to do once you’re done.

Griddle plates come in different sizes, so you can pick out your griddle based on the number of people you need to cook for and the types of meals you want to prepare. More people and bigger meals mean a larger griddle!

With any size, a griddle plate can be used to cook multiple foods at once. Your stove top burners will allow you to control the heat, so you can cook as you would with a traditional skillet, just with a more streamlined approach. 

What does using a griddle plate on a stove top do?

On a stove top, a griddle plate creates a large, flat surface that is perfect for cooking.

The heat from your stove top will be transferred to the griddle surface, and ultimately to the food that you prepare via thermal conduction. 

The wide, flat surface of a griddle plate makes for a convenient and flexible cooking surface. By adding a griddle plate to your culinary toolbox, you will increase the quantity and quality of your meals. 

Take your breakfast to the next level by preparing crispy bacon, golden pancakes, and over-easy eggs all on one handy griddle. Prepare delicious, seared burgers, brats, and hot dogs on a ridged griddle plate during any month of the year, all from the convenience of your own kitchen. 

With a griddle plate, you can easily prepare any meal right on your stove top. 

Can you buy a griddle for a gas stove?

There are plenty of available griddle pans that are compatible with a gas stove. For best results, select a griddle that is made with cast iron or steel, since aluminum-made griddles are more likely to warp under high heat. 

Some griddle plate models are designed to be compatible with a single burner, and others are designed to be used over two burners. The single burner griddles are smaller and, as a result, are more affordable.

On the other hand, with a griddle that is designed to be used over two burners, you will get the most out of your griddle in terms of available cooking space and cooking possibilities. 

You can opt for griddles that have little to no sides or griddles that have sides as high as 1”. The griddle options with higher sides will reduce splatter and make cleaning up even easier. However, lower sides typically make flipping your food even easier, so there are benefits to both styles. 

Can you use a flat top griddle on an electric stove?

You can also easily use a flat top griddle on an electric stove. In this situation, the stove top coils will transfer heat to the griddle rather than an open flame. If you have an electric stove, griddles made from iron and steel are still going to be your best bet. 

With an iron or steel griddle pan, you won’t have to worry about it warping under high heat, and you don’t have the risk of contaminating your food with nonstick coating, as is the case with aluminum griddle options. 

If you have an electric stove top that has burners of varying sizes, know that this will impact the heating of whatever griddle pan you select. A larger burner will lead to a hotter, larger area of heat on your griddle pan. If you want to avoid such inconsistencies, you may want to go with a single burner griddle pan. 

Final thoughts 

Griddle plates are incredibly handy, versatile cooking surfaces that you can use on both gas and electric stove tops. If you often prepare larger quantities of food or if you simply want to reduce the number of pans you have to use, a griddle plate is perfect for you!