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10 Things To Know About Leaving A Black Stone Griddle Outside

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You have your Blackstone griddle.

You have it seasoned and cooked on it. Now how do you store it?

Can you leave it outside or should you take it inside into your garage?

Will the rain and elements cause your Blackstone to rust if you leave it uncovered outside?

Would a cover keep it safe?

How do you protect your Blackstone from the weather?

Depending on where you live, you might encounter rain or snow at points throughout the year.

The last thing you want is that inevitable precipitation to ruin your Blackstone griddle.

There are multiple ways to protect your griddle.

You can cover it with a cover much like a grill.

You can move it inside your garage if you have one and have the space.

If you have a shed with the room, you could put it in there as well.

Some people have a covered cooking area that is well ventilated and tall enough to minimize the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.

Can you leave a Blackstone Griddle outside?

Your Blackstone is an outdoor griddle that can be left outdoors just like other grills.

Some Blackstone products come with a lid or cover included, but several models do not.

The ones that do not come with a lid will need more attention and protection than those that do not.

However, if you keep your grill outside, you likely have some way to protect it from the elements.

A griddle cover is a good option to protect your griddle if you want to keep it outside.

Where do you store your Blackstone griddle?

You can simply store it outside with your grill if you have one, or keep it by itself wherever you cook.

However, not everyone keeps their grills or other outdoor cooking tools outdoors when they are not in use.

You can move your Blackstone into a shed or garage when you are not using it. 

How do I keep my griddle from rusting outside?

If you have decided to keep your griddle outside, the biggest threat is rust.

There are few things worse than going to fire up your Blackstone only to discover that beautiful nonstick surface has turned into rust.

There are two important steps to protecting your griddle from this happening.

First, you want to make sure you are taking the time to ensure your cooking surface is properly seasoned.

You should wipe it down with a little oil while it is still warm after cooking.

That seasoning not only creates a nonstick surface, but it also protects the cooking surface from water that can cause rust to form. 

The second step is finding a way to cover the cooking surface from the elements.

The most common solution is a cover, much like a grill cover.

Should I cover my Blackstone griddle?

Regardless of where you store your griddle, you should consider covering it.

If you are storing it inside, your cooking surface can get covered with dust, dirt, or anything else drifting through the air.

If you are storing your griddle outside, it is at risk from dirt as well as rust-causing moisture. 

What is the best cover for a Blackstone griddle?

There are several great covers for your Blackstone griddle.

Blackstone has covers available on their website, and you can find others through various outlets.

Regardless of what cover you get, be sure to get one that is the appropriate size for your griddle, and make sure you take steps to prevent water from gathering on your griddle.

If your griddle does not have a lid, the flat surface will allow water to gather and even leak through the cover, just like pressing on a tent with water collected on it.

Placing some sort of bowl or basting dome on the cooking surface before covering your griddle will allow the rain to roll off your cover.

Are Blackstone grills waterproof?

No, Blackstone griddles are not waterproof.

If you leave your griddle exposed to water, you put your cooking surface in danger of rusting.

If your griddle does rust, there are still ways to restore the cooking surface so you can continue to cook.

However, taking steps to protect your griddle is a lot easier than having to deal with rust.

What is the Blackstone griddle made of?

The cooking surface is made of cold-rolled steel.

The process of cold rolling the steel results in a stronger, thinner, and smoother surface than hot-rolled steel.

The smoother surface is a benefit to a cooking surface for helping ensure the nonstick surface after seasoning.

You do not want to leave pieces of your food behind while you cook, and the cold-rolled steel surface that has been properly seasoned is great for that.

Will rain hurt a Blackstone?

Extended exposure to rain is the biggest enemy to your Blackstone griddle.

All the prep work you put in by seasoning your griddle can be undone by a bad rainstorm if you have not protected your griddle properly. 

Final Thoughts

If you have the ability, storing your Blackstone griddle inside in a cool, dry place is the safest way to protect your griddle.

A cover is a great way to protect it as well. Whichever way you go, just choose to protect your griddle.